Diagnostic Center for Ultrasound and Blood Test

Are you looking for a ultrasound clinic in GK 1? Well you don’t have to look very far. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is the best ultrasound center in South Delhi. The centre is known for its professional and accurate reporting and imaging. Along with ultrasound the centre is also providing the blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1. All these facilities are available at the same centre in Greater Kailash part 1.

Ultrasound is that radiological imaging in which the insides of the patient are visible with the help of a machine. This test is completely radiation free and the images thus provided are with the aid of sound frequency. The result is accurate imaging of the insides of our body which is there after analysed and interpreted by the radiologist. Dr. Rajan Sahunja is the radiologist at Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare and under his guidance and representation the centre has gained the reputation of the best ultrasound clinic in GK1.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is also providing the blood test laboratory in Greater Kailash 1. Blood testing or pathology is that branch of medical diagnostics that studies the bodily fluids and thereafter is able to identify any illness or the cause of the illness or even if there is any deficiency. The analysis can reveal any discrepancy in the medical health of the patient. Amongst identification of any illness, the reason behind the illness, or any genetic deficiency or in some cases any futuristic problems can also be identified. The important thing to note is that all these problems can be tested for and identified at the same diagnostics centre in GK1.

Air Ambulance Service in South Delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is famous for the air ambulance service in south Delhi. These repatriation services are provided via a commercial airline, road ambulances and air ambulances is made possible to all international destinations. A section of the airline is converted in to an ICU unit. Escort doctors and nurses are present and ensure that the patient is transferred to the new country professionally and efficiently. Doctors and nurses are present in case of any emergency during transport. Vital machines are also provided during the journey by Helvetia diagnostics and Healthcare.

The air ambulance service in south Delhi is a concept bringing international medical aid to your doorstep. Many a times NRI s wants to return to their home town in India to their family and medically recover surrounded by their loved ones. This is made possible by the air ambulance service in south Delhi by Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. It is imperative that an efficient doctor with an experience and specialty in emergency medicine accompanies the patient. A similarly qualified nurse should also be present and accompany the patient. Vital machines which regulate the breathing or the heart beat are also provided for, leaving no space for any mishap.

Countries which are most sought after for this air ambulance services are: USA, Canada, UK, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, UAE, Kazakhstan etc. Visas for the respective countries are already marked on the doctors and nurses passport. This makes it possible for the team to transfer the patient from the aircraft to the hospital also.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing air ambulance service in south Delhi. A qualified doctor for emergency medicine is on the panel of the diagnostics centre. Dr. Chandra is a qualified doctor with many years of experience in this field only. He has transferred critically ill patients to different countries all around the world. A visit to the website at www.helvetiadiagnostics.com will reveal all the facilities available at the centre and also provide you with a synopsis of the work done with regard to the repatriation services.