Best ECG Testing Lab in GK 1

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is the best pathology lab in GK 1. The centre is famous for its professional and accurate reporting. The unique selling point or the USP of the diagnostic centre is that it is providing all diagnostic facilities under one roof only. This would include all types of Radiology imaging and Pathology testing. Radiological imaging includes all types of CT Scan, ultrasound, doppler, x-ray, echocardiography, FNAC, IVP, Barium Study, ECG, ultrasound guided injections etc. If you are looking for an ECG test in South Delhi, then Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is the place to visit.

All pathology or blood tests are also conducted at Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare centre in south Delhi. Pathology is that branch of medicinal diagnostics that analysis the bodily fluids be it blood urine stool or any tissue. Based on the analysis any disease or deficiency can be identified. This methodology of testing can also be used to identify the reason behind any prevailing illness or weakness. Thus with all these combinations of tests at pathology lab in GK 1, Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is the right centre to visit for a correct medical evaluation.

A popular test for the medical evaluation for the functioning of the heart is ECG test in South Delhi. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is also conducting this simple test of the heart. This test basically evaluates the correct functioning of the heart muscle and its valves etc. in case there is any discrepancy of the blood flow to and from the heart it can be easily identified. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare conducts the ECG test in South Delhi. This is a complete diagnostics center in GK 1.