Complete Procedure of Echocardiography Test

The echocardiography test is a diagnostic tool that evaluates the well being and working of the heart. It is a comprehensive test that is conducted by a cardiologist and evaluates the blood supply to and from the heart. It checks on the working of the heart valves and also seeing if the magnetic impulses of the heart are correct and in tandem. The test identifies if there is fluid in the sac around the heart etc. Also if the echocardiography test gives a positive report then no more tests are required. However, in case there is some discrepancy in the evaluation then further testing may be advised. This may include TMT or even some blood tests etc. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a complete diagnostic centre with all diagnostic testing procedures available under one roof. The echocardiography test is also conducted in house by a cardiologist who is highly specialized in this field.

The echocardiography test is the key diagnostic tool to determine the health of the heart muscle and especially after a heart attack. At the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare diagnostic centre the echocardiography test or the 2D echo test is conducted. Foetal echo is also a well prescribed test where the heartbeat and the heart functioning of the unborn foetus is evaluated. Foetal echo is also the echocardiography test but this diagnostic tool is used to evaluate the well being of the heart of the unborn baby, while it is still in the womb of the mother. This is a highly specialized test and this echocardiography test is conducted by Dr. Rajan Sahunja at the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. Dr. Rajan Sahunja is a revered radiologist with decades of experience behind him.

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