Echocardiography as a Tool of Diagnosis

Are you looking for an echocardiography test in south Delhi? Well, don’t look too far. The test is best conducted at Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare a renowned diagnostics center in GK 1 with all diagnostic tools prevalent on the premises. The center is located in the heart of south Delhi in Greater Kailash Part 1. Let me tell you more about this echocardiography test. This is a test to evaluate the well being of the heart. The test is conducted by a cardiologist and a radiologist. An ultrasound machine is used to conduct this test. Basically sound waves are used to produce live images of the heart. With the help of this test, the doctor is able to see how well is your heart beating and the functioning of the heart valves. The images so created envision clots in the heart and other problems of the aorta. The Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare diagnostics center in GK 1, help discover any abnormality in the heart with the echocardiography test.

The center is known for its professionalism and accurate reporting. Hence in case, there is any irregularity or abnormality the diagnostics center in GK 1 is bound to find it. In case further investigation is required then the center can organize the same immediately. There are various types of echocardiography. To name some are Stress Echo or 3D echo or even Foetal Echo. The last echocardiography test is to evaluate and study the well being of the heart of the unborn fetus. That is when the baby is still in the womb of the mother. There are very few radiologists that conduct this test and the diagnostics center in GK 1 is one such center where this test is available. In fact under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja, the diagnostics center in GK 1 has envisioned into a renowned diagnostic and imaging center. Dr. Rajan Sahunja is a senior radiologist, with the experience and ability to conduct all modalities of the radiology. That is right from ultrasound, special X – rays, CT Scan and Ultrasound. In his decades of experience, he has been able to gather expertise in all these modalities. Hence the diagnostics center in GK 1 is one that is providing complete diagnostic facilities both radiology and pathology all under one roof.