Features of a Best Diagnostic Centre

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare in is the Best diagnostics center in GK 1. The centre is renowned for its accurate reporting and professional outlook. To attain the brand of a Best diagnostic center in GK 1, the centre incorporated state of the art diagnostic machines. This equipment under the aegis of the radiologist Dr. Rajan Sahunja was able to achieve great majestic heights. The accuracy and precision in the diagnostics achieved was commendable and hence a positive reputation. The centre is providing all modalities of radiological imaging as well as pathological findings.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is also providing CT Scan in South Delhi. CT scan is a radio diagnostic machine that is used to scan the insides of the human body and to determine the well being of the patient. If there is any growth, tumour, problems with any organs all can be identified with the CT Scan. This machine basically takes multiple X-rays of our body at all angles and all levels. Multiple x rays are taken for the multiple slices. The result is that a complete and detailed analysis is made and any irregularity is immediately identified. Dr. Rajan Sahunja is a senior radiologist with decades of experience. Images analysed by him ensures that nothing is missed out and accurate reporting is achieved.