Radiology and Pathology Test in South Delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is the best CT Scan center in Greater Kailash 1. The centre is known for its accurate diagnosis and professional care. The diagnostics centre is providing blood test laboratory in Greater Kailash 1 and all types of radiology imaging at the same premises. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare has a semi automated pathology laboratory which is supervised round the clock by experienced technicians and a senior pathologist. The result is accurate reporting and correct evaluation of the samples.

CT Scan is that diagnostic imaging that basically takes multiple X-ray images of the body. The CT Scan center in greater Kailash 1, shoots these multiple X rays at various angles. The images so provided show all the insides of the body layer by layer. In case of any growth or impairment, the images will immediately identify. Thus this form of imaging is used to identify any tumors, multiple minute fractures, swelling, etc. Along with these testing if any blood tests are also conducted then a reasonable diagnosis can be made and the illness identified. This then helps the treating doctor to identify the problem correctly and then treat successfully. The beauty about the blood test laboratory in Greater Kailash 1 is that all the diagnostic tests are conducted under one premise only. The patient does not have to hop from one place to the other. Then the radiologist along with the pathologist is able to make efficient diagnostic decisions, and give one diagnosis. This avoids any confusion and the patient is able to convey correctly all the results of the tests. The physicians on the basis of these tests then are able to treat the patient successfully.