Blood Test Lab & Center in Greater Kailash 1

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a complete diagnostics Centre in Greater Kailash Part 1. The Centre boasts of all Radiology modalities as well as pathology. This blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1, is catering to all pathological tests. All special tests are also conducted in the same premises. Helvetia is popular for its accuracy and efficiency in reporting, there by facilitating the treating doctor with the correct diagnosis.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare blood test center in Greater Kailash 1 is covering all parameters of the pathological testing. This includes hematology, Biochemistry, Immunology etc. by in large all the pathological findings cover all parameters that most doctors require for diagnosis and there after appropriate treatment. The blood test laboratory in Greater Kailash 1, studies the bodily fluids, calibrates the tests, studies the tests, evaluates the results and then only issues the reports. Most labs are dependent on machine and just run the tests and issue the reports. At Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare the reports are studied and evaluated by the team of doctors and technicians and only then released to the patient. It is amazing how much information about the medical well being of the body can be determined by a study of the bodily fluids. The systematic study helps identify any infections, deficiency and any such abnormality in the body. Helvetia Diagnostics is also providing radiology imaging. Hence in case of any abnormal pathology finding, the patient can immediately undergo radiology imaging at the centre also. These added tests can help either confirm the results of the blood test and or identify any further medical abnormality in the body. There after the treating doctor aided with the diagnosis of the blood tests and the imaging can efficiently treat the problem.

The machines incorporated in the blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1; to conduct the tests on the bodily fluids are top of the line and using the latest technology. Along with the efficiency and accuracy so provided with these high tech machines the experienced pathologist and expert technicians of the lab closely watch the functioning of the testing, thereby ensuring minimal error in the evaluation and calculation of the tests. All this vigilance on part of the blood test lab team ensures accurate and detailed reporting allowing for minimalistic margins for any kind of human errors.

A visit to the website of the blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1, at can reveal all the facilities and tests available at the diagnostic centre.