Heart Test and Pathology

The best Echocardiogram or EGC test in South Delhi is available at Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. ECG is a diagnostic test to evaluate the functioning of the heart, its muscles and its valves. This is a non-invasive test and is very easy to conduct. The test is conducted by a technician and then evaluated by the cardiologist or the treating doctor. It is a simple test to evaluate and in case of any doubts, further testing can be advised. Simple electrodes are simply placed on the chest and the machine just monitors the heartbeat. The experienced technician can also identify any irregularity and then he alerts the treating doctor. At Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare, the diagnostic centre, who conducts the ECG test in South Delhi, they have a cardiologist empanelled with the diagnostic centre. So in case of any irregularity, the centre can call the centre head doctor or the cardiologist if the patient so desires. Thus professionalism is maintained and complete accurate diagnosis is obtained. Thereafter the further tests may be advised this can also be conducted there and then. This ensures no loss of time and efficient diagnosis and treatment. Usually, after an irregular ECG, some blood tests or an echocardiography test may be advised.

It should be mentioned here that Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is also the best pathology lab in South Delhi. Hence in case of any further testing required for the patient, the blood test can be conducted at the same centre. Considering all the services available at the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare diagnostic centre, it is prudent for patients to visit this centre in the heart of south Delhi for all types of diagnostic testing. The diagnostic tests may require radiology imaging as well as pathology testing. Radiology imaging can include, ultrasound, X rays, CT Scan, ECG, Echocardiography, Barium Meal, HSG, IVP, FNAC etc. Pathology testing includes all types of blood tests, urine & stool tests and even biopsies. All these diagnostic procedures are conducted at the best pathology lab in South Delhi, Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare. A visit to the website at helvetiadiagnostics.com will help identify all the diagnostic services available at the centre and the advantages for each.

Air Ambulance Service in South Delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is famous for the air ambulance service in south Delhi. These repatriation services are provided via a commercial airline, road ambulances and air ambulances is made possible to all international destinations. A section of the airline is converted in to an ICU unit. Escort doctors and nurses are present and ensure that the patient is transferred to the new country professionally and efficiently. Doctors and nurses are present in case of any emergency during transport. Vital machines are also provided during the journey by Helvetia diagnostics and Healthcare.

The air ambulance service in south Delhi is a concept bringing international medical aid to your doorstep. Many a times NRI s wants to return to their home town in India to their family and medically recover surrounded by their loved ones. This is made possible by the air ambulance service in south Delhi by Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. It is imperative that an efficient doctor with an experience and specialty in emergency medicine accompanies the patient. A similarly qualified nurse should also be present and accompany the patient. Vital machines which regulate the breathing or the heart beat are also provided for, leaving no space for any mishap.

Countries which are most sought after for this air ambulance services are: USA, Canada, UK, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, UAE, Kazakhstan etc. Visas for the respective countries are already marked on the doctors and nurses passport. This makes it possible for the team to transfer the patient from the aircraft to the hospital also.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing air ambulance service in south Delhi. A qualified doctor for emergency medicine is on the panel of the diagnostics centre. Dr. Chandra is a qualified doctor with many years of experience in this field only. He has transferred critically ill patients to different countries all around the world. A visit to the website at www.helvetiadiagnostics.com will reveal all the facilities available at the centre and also provide you with a synopsis of the work done with regard to the repatriation services.

Best Diagnostic Center in South Delhi, Best Pathology Lab N South Delhi

Visit the best diagnostic center in south delhi for the best accurate diagnosis. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare best pathology lab in south delhi, is providing top of the line services all under one roof. A diagnostic centre is complete only when it is providing both pathological findings and radiological findings. Very centrally located in Delhi, Helvetia is providing both pathological services and radiological imaging.

The best pathology lab in south delhi provides a complete range of blood tests and other bodily fluids. A systematic and digital analysis of these fluids helps identify any deficiencies and diseases prevalent in the body be it an adult or a baby.

With the presence of ultrasound imaging, X ray and CT scan, Helvetia Diagnostics is able to provide a complete analysis of the human body. With the addition of the imaging factor the radiologist is able to look into the body and see exactly how the organs are performing and if there are any growths or irregularities in the body. Some of these tests can expose the body to radiation. But an ultrasound is such an imaging test that allows the radiologist to look into the body without exposing the patient to any radiation. It is imaging based on sound waves. Latest and updated digital technology helps reduce any risks that that the body is exposed to and increases the valuation of the diagnosis. With the help of the latest ultrasound machine Dr. Rajan Sahunja, is able to identify and diagnose any irregularity in the human body with much clarity and efficiency.

To know more about the different tests and services available visit the website www.helvetiadiagnostics.com  The website also explains what each tests mean and will help you also decide what tests you would like to get done.