CT Scan Services in South Delhi

Computed topography or better known as CT scan is a series of X rays. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare in South Delhi is conducting the CT Scan in South Delhi. The centre uses a combination of X rays and computer imaging to create pictures of your organs bones and tissues. The result is more detailed images than a regular X-ray machine. The images thus provided are scanned and evaluated by the radiologist so as to identify any irregularity with the health and well being of the patient.

CT Scan in South Delhi is conducted best at Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare, a complete diagnostic centre in the heart of South Delhi. CT scan is done on any part of the body. The procedure is not time-consuming and is quickly conducted. In case of an invasive procedure, a dye is injected into the body and then the images are taken so as to get more clarity as to any abnormality in the body. CT Scan in South Delhi is used to detect joint and bone problems. Then again in case of cancer or heart diseases or liver masses, the CT scan can help diagnose any changes. The CT scan can also help locate any tumour, blood clot or guided biopsies etc. further in case the patient is undergoing treatment then comparisons can be made to determine the viability and success of the treatment.

A visit to the complete diagnostics centre in south Delhi by the name of Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare will introduce you to the meaning of healthcare of another level. The centre is providing all diagnostics facility under one roof and is known for its professional and accurate reporting and care. The location is such that it is easily approachable as it is on the main road. The centre is having its own parking facility available which provides ease of pick and drop for the patient. Amongst the CT Scan in South Delhi, the centre is also providing all kinds of X rays Ultrasound and blood testing facilities.

For more details, a visit to the website at www.helvetiadiagnostics.com will highlight and reveal all the tests available and the advantages of each of the tests.