Most Affordable Air ambulance Service in South Delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare has developed a new area of expertise which is providing Air ambulance service in south Delhi. This new segment of service is developed under the expertise of Dr. Chandra, one of the doctors on board of Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. He has over a decade of experience in this category. Air ambulance service in south Delhi provided by Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare can be provided privately or in collaboration with an insurance company if the patient is so impaneled. The maximum demand for this service has been by the embassies and mostly NRI etc.

In today’s scenario of globalization, there are multiple travelers across countries that at some point may require air ambulance service due to some emergency and illness. It can be a trekker up in the Himalayas or an ailing NRI who wants to come home to his relatives to spend his last few months with his relatives. These types of agendas require the Air ambulance service in south Delhi thus provided by the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare medical center.

Arrangements are made on the commercial airliner to transport the patient who might even be a critical care patient. All types of critical care portable machines are arranged for and a team is organized who will accompany the patient. The team usually comprises of a nurse, technician and a doctor who is specialized in critical care management. The Air ambulance service in south Delhi takes on the responsibility of the patient right from one hospital in Delhi to the doorstep of the destination hospital in the next country. All paperwork including visa s for the team and patient is taken care of by the service provider. Thus the family of the patient and the patient himself need not worry about anything. For more details on this service be it inter country or intercity in India, do visit the website at