Most Sophisticated Machines of the Modern Age

CT Scan is a one of the most sophisticated machines of the modern age. The machine is providing intricate details of the insides of our human body. For the best CT Scan Center in South Delhi, one should visit Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. The centre is providing state of the art diagnostics with the latest radiology machines, under the aegis of Dr. RajanSahunja. Dr. Rajan is a radiologist with decades of experience on all radiology diagnostics. This includes all types of ultrasounds and Doppler’s, CT Scan, X rays MRI etc. Radio diagnosis can be invasive also and hence with the kind of experience DrRajan has all these intricate modalities are taken care of at the best CT Scan Center in South Delhi – “Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare”.

Let me tell you about the CT Scan Machine. This machine is basically analysing the human body and is taking pictures of the insides of the bodies. These are a multiple series of X-rays that are taken from different angles of the body. The more the number of “slices” the better the machine capacity. Hence you can be sure that the machine at Helvetia has the maximum number of slices and is of the latest technology. These multiple level of x-rays is used to analyse the different angles of the body and to identify any underlying or hidden irregularity inside the patient’s body. The technical name for a CT Scan is computed tomography scan. This scan allows the radiologist to see the details inside the body. These images can help detect bone and joint problems, cancer or heart related problems, stones in the kidney, internal injuries or tumours,etc can all be detected easily with these multiple X-ray beams. Thus it is a very conclusive diagnostic tool.

The Multislice CT Scan at Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is the best CT Scan Center in South Delhi. a visit to the website at will educate you as to what are the advantages of undergoing a CT and also visiting the best CT Scan center in South Delhi.