Professionally Accredited Diagnostic Centre

Are you looking for the Best diagnostic center in south delhi ? Well look no further than Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare, a renowned brand name that has been accounted for favourably for its professionalism and compassion, for the last 45 years. Yes that’s right, an institution that started out as a nursing home and has now culminated into a complete and professionally accredited diagnostic centre. The centre is strategically located on the main road of Greater Kailash Part1. The centre boasts of its convenient and central location in south Delhi. Surrounded by parks the Best diagnostic center in South Delhi is easy to locate with ample parking space. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare claim to fame is that it is providing all diagnostic modalities under one roof only. The centre has all radiological imaging and pathological testing in the Greater Kailash centre only. Under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare has emerged into a popular and professionally accredited diagnostic centre in the heart of Greater Kailash 1, and hence is considered one of the Best diagnostic center in south delhi.

Some of the radiology diagnostic modalities are CT Scan, all types of ultrasound, Doppler, invasive diagnostic procedures, X –ray, dental x-ray, mammography etc. The blood testing lab at this Best diagnostic center in south delhi conducts all the possible tests of the blood urine and stool. The laboratory is also situated in the Greater Kailash 1, branch. Senior consultants, technicians and pathologist ensure that the results obtained are correct and radically defined. The results of both the departments are correlated and the medical problem properly identified. Thus a complete check up is done and the treating doctor will get a complete and accurate diagnostic report. There after he is able to treat the patient successfully and amicably.

Amongst the diagnostic modalities Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is also a digital x-ray center Greater Kailash 1. The digital x-ray provides more detail images of the body than the earlier analogue machine. Today is a world of digitalisation. The digital images are always more detailed clear and precise. Hence the radiologist is then able to easily identify the medical irregularity, or any growth or a fracture, or ligament tear etc. The centre is also providing CT Scan which again is a series of digital X-Rays taken at different angles of the body. These images provide so many images all at different angles that the multiple slices is barely able to miss any adhesions or growth etc. Thus in case it is required the Best diagnostic center in south delhi will immediately provide digital Ct Scan in case no conclusion is obtained from a simple X-Ray. All at that one visit by the patient. That is why Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is called the Best diagnostic center in south delhi as it is providing so many multiple diagnostic modalities at its one centre. Decisions on the number and types of tests can be immediately taken and the patient care can begin instantly.

ECG Test Lab in Greater Kailash 1

Electrocardiogram or ECG Test is a diagnostic tool which is available at Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. The centre is famous for the accurate and complete diagnostics facilities that it provides. A centre of this magnitude in the heart of south Delhi with no parking issues is definitely a place to reckon with. The diagnostic procedures that are available at the centre include all radiological imaging as well as pathological findings. The ECG test in South Delhi, is a test that is used to check the well being of the heart. It is a simple test to perform and is non invasive in nature. With the help of the ECG machine and its electrodes we are able to evaluate the electrical activity of the heart muscle. It is able to measure the blood flow in the heart muscle as well as the rate and rhythm of the heart beat. In case of any irregularity further tests of the heart may be recommended.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a popular centre for the ECG test in South Delhi. In case there is any irregularity in the ECG test result, then further testing can be conducted there and then at the ECG in South Delhi centre. Helvetia diagnostics and Healthcare is a blood test laboratory in Greater Kailash 1. All blood testing laboratory facilities are available at the diagnostic centre, along with echocardiography. Thus all heart related tests can be conducted at the centre, under the supervision of your treating doctor and the experienced cardiologist and radiologist present at the centre. With the presence of such experienced doctors and team, one can be sure of the diagnosis. There after the treating doctor can prescribe the requisite course o f treatment with success.

Pathology is that part of diagnostic medicine that evaluates the medical well being of an individual. By analysing the bodily fluids of the patient, the blood test laboratory in Greater Kailash 1, can identify any disease and its cause, or any deficiency etc. in the body. This is a highly specialised field of diagnosis which is conducted under the aegis of a highly experienced and super specialised team of doctors, mainly Dr. Rajan Sahunja.
A visit to the diagnostic centre at B-2 Greater Kailash Part 1, will reveal to you the sanctimony of the organisation and the level of professionalism and sophistication. The website at has all the services listed and the health check up packages being offered there of.

What is in a Blood Test?

Pathology is that part of medical diagnosis that studied the bodily fluids and then identifies and provides reasons for any deficiency and disease. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a renowned blood test center in Greater Kailash 1. The diagnostic centre is providing all modalities of testing and is known for their accurate diagnosis.

The unique feature of this blood test center in Greater Kailash 1 is that is providing radiological imaging also. With this feature attached the pathology findings can be correlated to the radiological imaging. The result is a bang on evaluation of medical statics and health of the body. For example if we are looking at evaluating the well being of our kidneys, then let’s look at a simple blood test called Kidney function test. The pathology findings will provide information about the various parameters of the functioning of the kidneys. In simple language it can determine an infection or a deficiency or any such abnormality. However when we club these findings with an ultrasound of the abdomen which would be specific to the kidneys – called ultrasound KUB, then we are looking at the images of our kidneys and other adjoining organs inside our body. The radiological imaging can reveal any stones, tumour or enlargement or any such abnormality. After such a diagnosis there after, the treatment becomes easy and ensures faster recovery. That is why it is very important what kind of a diagnostic centre you are visiting. Is it providing you with complete diagnosis or you are forced to visit another centre for more tests! Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a best diagnostic centre in south delhi. It is providing you with all modalities of testing. Be it radiological imaging or blood test center in Greater Kailash 1.

For more details and the advantages enjoyed by the patient visiting Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare for diagnostics, do visit the website at . Joining the face book page of the centre will regularly enlighten you on to the various updated health checkups and discounts being offered at the time.

Repatriation and Air Ambulance Service

Air ambulance service in south delhi is a luxury that one thinks is maybe a remote possibility. Well worry not. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing this facility under the aegis of Dr. Chandra who has more than two decades of experience in this field. Now in collaboration with Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare he is providing this facility world over. Air ambulance service in south delhi is basically a repatriation service in which a patient is transported to any place in the world which is accessible by an airport. This includes destinations in India and or other countries also.

Under this facility the patient is transported to another country or city by air. A part of the commercial airline is transformed into an ICU unit. Where in the doctor, who is trained in emergency medicine and critical care, is carrying vital medical equipment. Along with him there are highly sophisticated and trained technical technicians and nurses. The unique point in the Air ambulance service in south delhi is that this facility is provided with all the paper work taken care of. That is the visa of the complete medical team is obtained for the desired destination. Comfort of the patient is prime most and then the transportation, from the airport right up to the hospital where the patient needs to be admitted. This is a unique facility where in many a NRI who are critically ill and want to spend their last few days in their home town, take advantage to fulfil their last wishes. Of course repatriation for the purpose of better medical aid is usually the normal need or requirement. But then the repatriation is a facility that many come to avail at the diagnostic centre in south Delhi, which is Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. A visit to their website at will reveal all the facilities available at the centre for Air ambulance service south delhi.


If you are suffering from a heart ailment then it is prudent that you visit a diagnostic centre and get the Echocardiography Test South Delhi. this is a test that uses sound waves to produce live images of the heart muscles. The monitoring doctor is able to see how the heart is functioning and identify any irregularities. This test helps reveal blood clots in the heart or any fluid around the heart of problems of the aorta or heart valves. The ability of the heart muscles to pump the blood to the other parts of the body is also evaluated. Any abnormality found will be highlighted and treated accordingly. The cardiologist may prescribe some more detailed heart related radiological tests which can also be conducted at the centre. All these tests when supplemented with some heart related blood tests, then the heart diagnosis is complete. The treatment or surgery that may be requires is then identified by the treating doctor.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a reputed diagnostic centre in south Delhi and is known for its accurate and professionally conducted echocardiography. The cardiologist that comes to conduct the echocardiography test south Delhi , is a reputed professional having decades of experience. Thus the results obtained are accurate and professionally evaluated relative to the patient. In case you are experiencing any discomfort in the chest, some breathing problem or even an irregular heart – which must have been identified earlier with a stethoscope or ECG, then it is prudent to undergo a echocardiography south Delhi. A stitch in time saves nine, is a saying that we all must give due importance to. After all it is our body that we are talking about. We must take precaution and diagnose our health problems timely.

A visit to the website at will reveal all the services available at the diagnostic centre in the heart of south Delhi.

Best Diagnostic Center For ECG Test In South Delhi

Electrocardiography or ECG test in south delhi, is a basic test to analyse the well being of the heart in our body. It is a non invasive and very easy to do test. Simple electrodes are placed on the chest area and the machine takes a reading of the heart beat. The test helps identify any irregularities in the heart. In case any irregularity is observed then further testing is recommended and more tests of the heart are prescribed. Ecg is one of the diagnostic tools that is used for the well being of the heart. This test provides evidence of the blood flow of the heart muscle.

This ECG test in south delhi is available at Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare a prestigious and reputed diagnostic centre in Greater Kailash Part 1. Locate on the main road the centre is one of the Best diagnostic center in south delhi . The centre is surrounded by parks and provides a very green environment to the centre. There is ample parking space available also. The most prominent feature of this Best diagnostic center in south delhi is that all the diagnostic modalities are available at this one centre only. This includes radiological imaging and pathology testing. Helvetia diagnostic centre is attained high levels of professionalism and repute under the aegis of Dr Rajan Sahunja. Dr. Rajan is an experienced and highly qualified radiologist with decades of experience. He has gained a reputation of solving hard to identify cases. Thus a visit to the centre for any kind of medical diagnosis will definitely prove fruitful.

Under the umbrella of radiology we have all kinds of CT Scans, X rays, Ultrasounds, FNAC, ECG, Echocardiography, Barium Meal swallow, IVP, HSG etc. Other than the simple imaging even invasive diagnostics is conducted at the centre. Under radiology imaging – with the help of these highly sophisticated machines, the radiologist is able to look inside the patient’s body and identify any abnormalities, with help of the images so created by the machines. Then in case any abnormality is found, the diagnosis is supplemented with pathological findings. The testing of the blood or the bodily fluids, once correlated with the radiological findings, will accurately identify the medical problem. There after the treating doctor with the help of the accurate diagnosis can successfully treat the patient and cure him of his ailments.