Blood Test Center in GK1 South Delhi

There are multiple blood test center in Greater Kailash 1. But always look for a centre that has its own laboratory and is not outsourcing their samples to anyone else. And if one can find a blood test laboratory with the laboratory on the same premises, then you are at the right place. Transportation and exposure to weather and climate can alter the efficacy of the sample. And that would of course compromise the result and parameters under consideration for the blood test. so it is best to look for a blood test center in Greater Kailash 1 that has its own laboratory on the premises.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is one such blood test center in Greater Kailash 1 that is providing all diagnostic facilities on its premises in the heart of south Delhi. This diagnostic centre caters to all modalities of diagnosis under its one roof. There is radiological imaging in the form of ultrasound, X ray, OPG, CT Scan, PFT and others. Alongside the radiology there is pathological testing also. Pathology is that field of medicine that examines the bodily fluids of our body and helps identify any disease, or deficiency or even the reason behind a medical problem that we are facing.

Diagnostics should be efficiently determined and solutions should be amicably provided. The Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare blood test center in Greater Kailash 1, is one such centre that is known for its effectual and standardised reporting. Digital technology is used to analyse the samples under the aegis of senior pathologist and technicians. All radiological imaging is compared with the pathological findings and then only the correct report is given. The treating doctor based on these analyses is able to advise the correct and appropriate treatment. Thus the patient also is satisfied. A visit to the website at will enlighten you to the services available at the centre.

Are you scared of CT Scans?

The name CT Scan sends horror waves through our soul, the minute it is prescribed by the doctor. Visions of a horror film accompanied with a dark dingy room and shady music comes to light. But the actual test is quite different. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare provides a CT Scan in South Delhi in a very friendly and congenial atmosphere. The CT Scan machine is a open machine which takes a combination of multiple X rays of the human body. The room in which it is kept is a brightly lit room with soft back ground music and high tech equipment. None of the features of the horror film are visible at the Helvetia Diagnostic Centre. Smiling young technicians ensure that the experience of the testing is pleasant.

Computed tomography or better known as a CT Scan, is a diagnostic test that comes under the scanner of radiological imaging. This is a highly sophisticated machine that takes images of the organs bones and other tissues of the body. These are a series of detailed X-rays taken at multiple angles of the body. It is a narrow X-ray beam that encircles the body and takes images from many different angles. A cross sectional 2 D or 3 D picture is taken of all the organs and skeletal structure of the body at different angles. This can shows a “slice” of the insides of your body. The radiologist studies this and identifies any irregularities in the images thus obtained of the organs, blood vessels or the skeletal structure. The centre of the CT Scan in South Delhi is run under the aegis of the renowned radiologist Dr. Rajan Sahunja. The centre is known for the accurate and thorough reporting. All radiological results are correlated with the pathological reports, before presentation to the patient. As the result the treating doctor is able to treat the patient efficiently based on the accurate diagnosis. Further based on the film and the report from the CT Scan in South Delhi, a surgeon is also able to see the size and shape of any tumour to prepare for an operation. For more details on the kind of services available at the CT Scan in South Delhi, visit the website at


ECG or echocardiogram is a test to check the smooth running of the heart. This is the easiest test to check on the functioning of the heart, its muscles and its valves. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing the ecg test in south delhi, at its centre in GK I. ECG is a non invasive test where the electrodes are superficially placed on the thorax and the reading of the heart beat is then electronically recorded and the result is printed out. The doctor present is able to identify any irregularities in the heart by studying these electronic impulses. This tool is used to assess the electrical and muscular impulses of the heart. Even though this is a simple technique, yet a significant amount of training and experience is required to read and interpret these impulses.

In case there is any doubt in the readings of the ECG, then an echocardiography or a stress echo can be advised. These tests help provide further investigation into the well being of the heart. These tests are also conducted on unborn babies, called Fetal echo, which helps determine the well being of the heart of the unborn baby. All these tests including the ecg test in south delhi are conducted at the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare diagnostic centre in south Delhi.

In case a person is undergoing a heart attack the confirmation of the same can be obtained by a simple ECG. Since the machine is small in size, it is easy to carry and is portable. So in case the patient is not well and is old and immobile then this machine can be carried to the patient and the test can be conducted at the site. Along with the ECG a blood test is also usually recommended to ascertain the complete well being of the heart. The blood test is able to accurately identify any heart related abnormalities including cholesterol and blood infections. High cholesterol usually manifests itself as blockages in the arteries leading to and out from the heart. This anomaly is usually seen in echocardiography and stress echo. In the ECG the electrical impulses sent and recoded will also show an irregularity. Thus the ecg test in south delhi is a complete non invasive way to identify any irregularities in the electronic impulses of the heart. a visit to the website at reveals all the services available at the centre.

Ultrasound Center & Best Pathology Lab

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a popular ultrasound center in south delhi. The centre is a complete diagnostics centre providing radiological diagnostic imaging and pathological diagnosis. The centre is a complete diagnostic centre covering all the modalities of the diagnosis. When we talk about radiological imaging we are talking about all the different types of ultrasound. In today’s world of medicine, the ultrasound machine is a very popular means for diagnosis. With the help of the ultrasound machine the radiologist is able to analyse the insides of our body without emitting any radiation. The radiologist is able to look inside our body and evaluate the images that the machine configures with the help of sound waves. As a result the diagnostic procedure is radiation free and very conclusive. The ultrasound center in south delhi is supervised under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja. Dr. Rajan is an accomplished radiologist with super specialisation in radiology and with over 2 decades of radiological experience in all modalities of diagnosis. Thus the center is able to cater to all the modalities of super specialised ultrasounds, including invasive diagnostics and other diagnosis.

Ultra sonography is that mode of radio diagnosis where with the help of sound waves the radiologists is able see inside the body and evaluate the images thus produced. With the help of this method of imagery any stone in the kidney, fatty liver, vociferous veins, blockages in any artery-including the heart, or any other such abnormality can be identified. Further in case of the expecting mother the uterus and the well being of the foetus can also be determined. Thus all cases of foetal echo, NTNB Scan and all super special tests are conducted at the ultrasound center in south delhi.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is also the best pathology lab in south delhi. Pathology is that field of the medicine where in all bodily fluids are studied for any abnormality, deficiency or to identify the reason and the cure for any disease. Hence it is important that these tests are conducted under total supervision. This laboratory in South Delhi is known for its accuracy and level of professionalism. The tests are conducted in a digital environment accomplishing the complete accuracy in the running of the tests. The concentrated presence of the technicians and the pathologist removes all medium for machine error also. As a result the centre is able to achieve technically accurate and yet personalised results; thereby living upto its reputation of being the best pathology lab in south delhi. A visit to the website at will enlighten you to all the services available at the centre.