Quality Imaging Diagnostics South Delhi

South Delhi is a renowned place for dentists. There is a significant presence of dentists in the area. However the number of diagnostic centres in south Delhi is limited and the main place that comes to mind where we are getting quality digital imaging for the dental x-ray in GK 1 is the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. Today is the era for digitalisation – everything around us is referred to as digital TV, digital internet access, etc. hence so why not digital diagnosis.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing digital dental x-ray in GK 1. It is located right on the main road of GK1, with ample parking space available. Dental x-ray is also called an OPG. It basically provides an image of the complete dental structure of our mouth. Dental x-ray is a three Dimensional image. The machine rotates around the head and face and an image of the dental bone structure is taken. All the cavities even at the back of our mouth are identified. Also in case of any other irregularities be it enlarged infected gums, or any hidden teeth, injury or crooked dentine etc can all be studied and identified in the digital dental x-ray. Hence digital dental x-ray is an optimum method for digital imaging and dental diagnosis, for any dental problem.

Along with the dental x-ray in GK 1, Helvetia Diagnostics is a complete diagnostic centre. The centre is providing state of the art digital imaging and pathology services. Right from dental x-rays to full body x-ray and CT scan, the radiology department is famous for the professional services and accurate reporting. The dental x-ray in GK 1 diagnostic centre is also providing this imaging in the executive health packages. These health packages are a combination of pathology testing be it urine or blood; complemented by digital imaging of the chest, mouth or the ultrasound of the abdomen. A visit to the website at www.helvetiadiagnostics.com enlists all the services and diagnostic tests available at the centre.

Pathology and Testing in South Delhi

Pathology is that part of the medical sciences that studies the medical well being of our body through the study of our bodily fluids. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a premier institute for the blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1. Today is a world of digitalisation. The pathology lab is providing digitalised automated machines for the analysis of the blood. With this high tech machinery, which is under the scrutiny of experienced technicians and doctors, the blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1, is able to provide accurate information and analysis of the body samples. The result is then corroborated with the pathologist and radiologist with any radiological imaging if done and only then communicated to the patient.

Based on this professional and accurate analysis the pathology report is made and given to the patient. Based on the results the treating doctor is able to identify the cause behind any illness or any deficiency that that the patient is suffering from. The end result is simple. Patient is treated accurately and efficiently and can soon put his medical ailments or issues to rest. Thus it is very important to visit a good blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1, so that treatment can be provided efficiently and accurately. Many people associate blood testing as a painful and unpleasant experience. However it is important to mention that the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1, has experienced technicians who are efficient in drawing sample in one attempt only. Also in case of children where is case is tough to gain momentum, the technician uses the help of cartoons and other distractions. So in a place where children are giving blood sample without shedding any tears, definitely for the adult the experience is far more relaxed. So do visit Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare for any health checks and diagnostic tests.

A visit to the website at www.helvetiadiagnostics.com will reveal all the testing facilities available at the centre.

Air Ambulance and Diagnostics

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a popular pathology lab GK 1. Along with radiological imaging services the centre also has a blood testing laboratory in its premises. Pathology is that field of medicine which involves the study of the bodily fluids. It is amazing what can be revealed with a simple prick of blood, sputum, urine or stool etc. The cause of an illness or identification of a disease or even any deficiencies or maybe any upcoming health problem can all be identified with the analysis of the bodily fluids. The pathology lab GK 1, is conducting all these tests at its centre and is providing accurate quality reporting under professional guidance.

The area covered by the lab includes immunology, haematology, biochemistry, serology, microbiology etc. The laboratory uses digitalised technology to study the bodily fluids, thereby ensuring accurate results. The presence of the senior pathologist ensures professional and quality based reporting and study pattern.

Air ambulance services in south Delhi is the new demand and highlight of the medical world. With so many families living across the globe in different countries it is important that a service is provided where medical aid is met across these countries. This means that different countries have different medical insurance plans. Also some places are providing better health care then others and we all want to benefit from that. But how to shift a critically ill patient to a better medical facility in another city or may be in another country. This is when the Air ambulance service in south Delhi, provided by Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare comes in to play a major role. The diagnostic centre is providing this facility where by a complete medical team is provided with the critical care machines on to the aircraft. A section of the commercial aircraft is converted into an ICU, equipped with all the gadgets, medical team, doctor etc. The entire paper work visa etc is all handled by the diagnostic centre and the patient is efficiently admitted or taken to the destination of his choice. The beauty of the whole thing is that the attendants don’t have to run helter skelter to organise documents etc. Once they have Helvetia empanelled, they don’t have to worry for anything. For more details on the Air ambulance service in south Delhi visit the website at www.helvetiadiagnostics.com

Importance of Echo with Pathology

The heart is a much revered organ of our body. With the kind of stressful lives we are dealing with currently, the pressure and stress does come quite a bit on the heart. The urban life style is known only to propagate stress. With the kind of nuclear family lives that we are living in now, puts more mental and physical stress on us. Most doctors recommend an annual health check after the age of 35 years now. The ideal health check should have both pathological and radiological components in it. Bearing in mind the points that I have enumerated above, a good heart check should also be incorporated into the health package. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is one such diagnostic centre that is providing all the diagnostic modalities at their Greater Kailash Part 1 centre. In fact for an echocardiography test south Delhi; this centre will be the best place to visit. An echo is a preliminary but yet comprehensive test for the heart. The test is a simple one and non invasive. With the help of the ultrasound machine both the cardiologist and the radiologist is able to see live images of the heart. The images are produced with the help of sound waves. The cardiologist is able to evaluate how well your heart is working with respect to the heart valves, the aorta, heart muscles, or any or blockages. In case any irregularity pops up, then further testing can be advised and treatment can be started.

This echocardiography test south Delhi, is also used on unborn children. That is when the baby is still in the womb of the mother. With the help of this test, the diagnostic centre under the aegis of the radiologist Dr. Rajan Sahunja, is able to detect any defects in the heart of the unborn child. So when the gynaecologist during their regular check on the pregnant mother, finds any abnormality, then they recommend foetal echo which is an echocardiography of the unborn baby. This foetal echo can also reveal any abnormalities in the heart muscle of the foetus. Hence for the echocardiography test south Delhi, please visit Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare for accurate analysis.

Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare also has the best pathology lab in south Delhi. The centre located in the heart of south Delhi with no parking issues, is popular for its accurate diagnosis and efficiency. Best blood testing laboratory is one where you can corroborate the test results with radiological imaging. Then together they are able to provide the true picture of the medical wellness of the human body. The best pathology lab in south Delhi is completely digitalized under the strict supervision of pathologists and senior technician. The probability of machine error is completely erased due to the presence and due diligence of the superior technical staff. In this way the test results thus provided are accurate and indisputable. The website of the diagnostic centre at www.helvetiadiagnostics.com carries all the details of the tests and their importance. So visit the website and review the economical packages available.

What is ECG Test – Basic Introduction

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing ecg test in South Delhi. Ecg is also known as Echocardiogram, which is a test for the heart. ECG is a diagnostic test used by doctors to evaluate the general well being of the heart. The test is simple to conduct and it is non invasive. Electrodes are placed strategically in and around the heart area. There after the pulses sent out by the heart are measured and noted. The cardiologist and the radiologist present at the centre evaluate the readings recorded by the machine and there after provide a report for the same.

The diagnostic centre uses the ecg test in South Delhi to evaluate and study the electrical and muscular functions of the heart. The rate and rhythm of the heart is also recorded and the blood flow to the heart muscle is evaluated. Basically it is used as a basic test for the heart. In case any irregularities are found then further testing is recommended to the patient.

Patients who have a history of heart ailment in the family, it is recommended that they look at a regular check up of the conditions of the heart. A basic check will entail only a blood test and a simple ECG. Thereafter in case of any abnormalities then an echocardiography is recommended. The radiology tests basically provide images and record impulses by the heart. The pathology or the blood test for the heart evaluates the condition of the blood circulating in our bodies. These tests show the cholesterol levels and other parameters of the medical conditions of the heart. In case of any impairment the patient is then advised further tests and most important a change in life style factors.

A lot can be determined by this simple ecg test in South Delhi. Usually before a surgery or even if you are applying for a visa medical, this test is recommended. A visit to the website at www.helvetiadiagnostcs.com will reveal all the tests available at the centre and the advantages attached to them.

Best Diagnostic Centre in Greater Kailash 1

How do you define a best diagnostic center in south Delhi ? Your doctor has asked you to get some diagnostic tests done and obviously you will look for a place defined as the best diagnostic centre. One such definition is a place that is providing you with all the testing modalities under one roof, right from all pathological findings to radiological imaging. Along with all the diagnostic facilities the centre should provide accurate and trust worthy reporting, under the presence of professional and experienced doctors.

One such best diagnostic center in south delhi is the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. The centre is located in the Greater Kailash Part 1 and is known for its quality reporting. The centre is run under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja, who has now gained the reputation for diagnosing medical problems that others have not been able to decipher. The diagnostic centre is providing state of the art machines that are providing diagnosis with minimum scope of error. The radiology depart is providing with CT Scan, MRI, All types of Ultrasound, Echocardiography, X rays, Barium Meal follow through, FNAC, ECG, PFT, EEG, HSG etc. Basically all the radiological tests that come to your mind. Other than that the centre is providing pathology lab where all the bodily fluids are digitally tested under the supervision of trained technicians and experienced pathology doctor. The end result of the pathological findings and radiological imaging are correlated by the team of doctors on the premises and then only the findings and reporting is done. In this way any medical problem be it the reason for the ailment or the deficiencies attached to it, are identified and conveyed to the patient and treating doctor. The level of professionalism and accurate reporting is maintained and the treating doctor is able to treat the patient with accuracy. Now with this kind of a system and level of professionalism in place, Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare can easily be labelled at the best diagnostic center in south Delhi.

A visit to the website at www.helvetiadiagnostics.com will enlighten you to the number of services available and the advantage of getting these tests done.