Blood Test Laboratory in GK 1 South Delhi

Looking for an efficient blood test laboratory ? You don’t have to look far – in South Delhi prominently located is the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare blood test laboratory. The diagnostic centre is a complete centre for all diagnostic testing. All radiological imaging as well as all blood testing is conducted in their Greater Kailash part 1, centre. The diagnostic centre has all the accreditations from the government and other medical agencies, certifying all diagnosis is of accurate and validated national and international standards. Some of the accreditations are ISO and Quality Control of India.

The blood test laboratory is of national standard value. The centre is using digitalisation methods of testing so as to ensure accurate testing and quantification, along with under the supervision of the pathologist. This ensures professional evaluation and methodology. Any machine error due to the process of automation, the scrutiny and presence of the pathologist, ensures double checking manually also. Thus there is little room for error. All these processes ensure reliability and accuracy. This field of pathology testing in the medical field basically help identify the cause and extent of any illness in the body. The testing of the bodily fluids also helps to find out if there are any deficiencies that the body is suffering from, or any predictable ailment that could be a cause of concern in the future. There after based on the results the treating doctor will be able to treat the ailment effectively and provide advice for any future contingencies also.

A visit to the web site at can provide an insight to all the diagnostic services available at Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. The website also projects at educating the client to the meaning and value of each of the tests.

All about Computed Tomography or CT Scan

Computed tomography scan or better known as CAT scan or CT scan, is a popular radiography test. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing CT Scan in South Delhi. This type of radiology imaging is used to provide images of the insides of your body. The machine is using a series of X rays aided by computer technology and computer guided machines to create multiple pictures of your bodily organs, bones and other tissues. The details are more than seen in a regular X ray. The procedure is a simple one and does not take very long. However in some cases some dye is ejected in to the body which then amplifies the area under the study. And then pictures or images of that part of the body are accordingly taken. In some cases the absorption of the dye can take some time. Other than that the test is not a lengthy procedure. The X ray beam encircles the part of the body that is under study. Then multiple images are taken by the computer from multiple different angles. The images are stacked together to form 2D and 3D images. A fantastic detailed image is formed of the organs, bones or blood vassals. Doctors use this imagery to ascertain any irregularities or even use these images while performing surgeries etc.

CT Scan in south Delhi, is a unique radiological technique providing detailed images which can help identify internal injuries, complex bone fractures, tumours, liver masses, clots infections, etc. The scan is also used to ensure and ascertain the extent and progress of treatment. This kind of testing and imagery requires a senior and experienced radiologist to provide correct and accurate diagnosis. The CT Scan centre in south Delhi is under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja who is a highly specialized radiologist with decades of experience in the field. A visit to the website of the centre at will reveal all the facilities available at the diagnostic centre and the nature and advantages of undergoing the testing.

Efficiency and Diagnostics

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is the best diagnostic center in south delhi. Located in greater Kailash part 1, the centre is renowned for the diagnostic care and services that it provides. A diagnostic centre is complete when it is providing both pathological and radiological diagnostic services. Each diagnostic parameter is in incomplete without the presence of the other. Only when a patient gets collaborative tests done of both pathological findings accompanied with the radiological imaging then only any medical problem or deficiency can be identified.

These days our lives are very stressful. With our daily routine catering to achieve excellence and unmatchable goals, we are inherently spending very less time for ourselves. Most families also have medical histories, which we can easily pass down to our children. Hence it is imperative that we start looking at getting annual medical health checks done so as to rule out any medical irregularity or rather to have a better and healthier future. Only a visit to the best diagnostic center in south Delhi will provide you with the complete and best diagnosis. Helvetia Healthcare is providing these health checks with very ingenuous health packages. It is good to get any one of these health packages done at least once a year. The packages that the Helvetia best diagnostic centre in south delhi is providing are comprehensive in nature and quite conclusive in nature. The packages are a combination of pathology and radiology. This kind of testing is usually available in large hospitals only. But under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja, Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing the same under reasonable pricing and time efficiency.

Our teeth are one of the most neglected parts of our body. Though well maintained teeth and oral hygiene only increases the evaluation of the facial make up of our body. Yet we tend to not take good care of them. Like our body the teeth also need to be checked regularly. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is also providing dental x-ray GK 1. The centre has the latest dental X – ray Machine which is providing digital images. The latest technology ensures clear and accurate images with a degree of clarity that can identify any upcoming cavities or gum infections etc. A visit to the dental x-ray GK 1, website at will reveal all the services available at the centre.

Air Ambulance Service in Greater Kailash 1

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a well known pathology lab gk 1. The place is providing all diagnostic facilities under one roof. This includes radiological imaging and laboratory services. Radiology services include all types of ultrasound, Xrays, CT Scan and MRI. The pathology lab GK 1 is providing testing facility where in all body fluids are digitally studied and evaluated. Pathology is that area of medicine that involves the study of the body fluids which are blood, urine, stool and any kind of biopsy. The digital analysis provides accurate evaluation of the body excreta and based on that the pathologist is able to determine the reason for the illness or any deficiency in the body. Today there are many pathology labs in Delhi but there are only a few that are providing accurate and qualitative results and services all under one place. This location is a very central location in south Delhi and the pathology lab gk 1, is become very popular.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing Air ambulance service in south Delhi . Under this service the centre helps to repatriate patients to all parts of the world, under the aegis of Dr. Chandra and his special team. Under the arrangements a section of the commercial airliner is converted into an ICU. The respective medical equipment is set up in the aircraft and the patient is made comfortable under the presence of the doctor and his medical team. Dr. Chandra who is highly specialised and experienced for this task, accompanies the patient to the city / country of his destination, right up to the hospital identified for his treatment. The Air ambulance service in south delhi is so well organised that everything is organised, including the visa of the respective country for all the accompanying medical staff, and the all the paper work that goes with it.

More details of the services available at the Helvetia Diagnostic centre is enumerated on the website at

Diagnostics and Visa Medicals

Looking for a diagnostics center in GK 1 ? Check out Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. A state of the art facility with all diagnostic services available under one roof. A complete diagnosis entails a combination of pathological findings and radiological imaging. A testing of bodily fluids on one part accompanied with images of the insides of our body helps the doctor to analyse completely and identify any discrepancies or irregularities with our health.

Pathology is that field of diagnostic medicine that studies the bodily fluids. The diagnostics centre in GK 1, provides blood evaluation that caters to quantifying and qualifying the immunology, haematology and biochemistry parameters of the blood.

Along with pathology services the complete diagnostics center in GK1, by the name of Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare, is providing with all radiological imaging services also. A visual study of the organs of the body completes the study of the human body. Then based on the pathological analysis and the radiological findings the diagnosis is complete.

If you want to migrate to the west a visit to the Helvetia diagnostics center in GK1, will clear all your Medical For Visa Application issues. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is designated by some embassies to conduct the medical tests. Based on the medical tests the embassy then issues the immigrant visa. The centre is re-known for its quality and accurate medical work and that is why certain embassies only want to get their Medical For Visa Application accurately studied by Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. A visit to the website at www.helvetiadianostics will advise you on all the facilities and services available at the centre.

Advantages of Ultrasound Revealed

Echocardiogram or ecg test in south delhi, is a popular test for the heart. For example by assessing the cholesterol levels and triglycerides one can estimate the risk of heart disease. Added to the blood test, an ecg test in south Delhi provided by the Helvetia Health and Diagnostics also can reveal any abnormalities in the conditions of the heart. ECG is a diagnostic tool that is used to analyse the electrical and muscular functions of the heart. It is a simple and easy test to perform and the equipment is portable also. However though the test is easy to conduct the interpretation can only be obtained from an experienced and trained cardiologist. This ecg machine measures the rhythm of the heart beat as well as the flow of the blood to the heart. A detailed analysis of the graph so obtained will reveal any irregularities in any of these fields. In that case the doctor then recommends further testing of the heart which includes blood tests and echocardiography etc. All these testing diagnostics are available at Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare which is also a popular ultrasound clinic in GK 1.

Ultrasound is that branch of radio diagnosis which creates internal images of the body without exposing the patient to radiation. The ultrasound clinic in GK 1 is a providing state of the art diagnosis under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja. Today ultrasonography is gaining a lot of popularity as, unlike the X ray or the CT Scan, this diagnostic procedure is radiation free. Hence it is significantly used amongst pregnant women, little children and older people. With the help of the ultrasound machine the radiologist can analyse the well being of the foetus in the mother’s womb and also ensure that there is consistent blood flow etc to and from the mother. This diagnosis also helps to help the well being of the baby in the womb with regard to proper healthy formation of the baby and also whether the baby is getting complete nutrition.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare the ultrasound clinic in GK 1, is a complete diagnostic centre. Along with the radiologist the centre has a specialised team of doctors on the panel like the pathologist, cardiologist and physicians etc. A visit to the website at will enlighten you to all the available facilities.