Echocardiography Test Lab in South Delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is the echocardiography best pathology lab in south Delhi. The centre is providing highly specialised and experienced radiologists pathologists and cardiologists, to take care of all diagnostic procedures. The tests are conducted professionally and analysed even more accurately. The result is accurate diagnosis and the treating doctor is then able to treat the patient efficiently and with positive results.

Echocardiography is a test for the heart. In this test the cardiologist and radiologist with the help of the ultrasound machine are able to analyse the functioning of the heart. With help of sound waves images of the heart are created which the cardiologist analysis and identifies any irregularities. The images help the doctor to determine how the heart and its valves are functioning. It can help identify any clots and other blockages in the heart. Any malfunctioning of the heart muscle is also identified with this test. At the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare diagnostic centre for echocardiography, diagnosis can be further analysed with the help of blood tests. Like the echo in radiology there are specific pathology tests for the heart also. Together the tests provide a complete analysis of the heart and body. A combination of the radiology testing and pathology testing provides detailed and complete analysis of the human body and any irregularities are accurately revealed. A visit to the website at will reveal all the tests and facilities available at the centre.

CT Scan in Greater Kailash 1

Are you suffering from some ailment and don’t know what to do? Well for a start do get your diagnosis done or go in for a complete body health check up at a recognized and accredited diagnostic centre. The diagnosis will enlighten you to the medical wellness of your body. Diagnostics includes ultrasound, x-ray, blood tests or CT Scan in South Delhi. These tests then get Interpreted by your physician or family doctor and you will get to know about the reason for your ill health or any physical discomfort that you are feeling.

The crucial part is the diagnostic evaluation that you are getting done. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is one such diagnostic centre that is providing complete diagnosis all under one roof. This centre is providing not only radiological imaging but also pathology testing all in one centre itself. The healthcare centre is providing CT Scan in South Delhi, along with other radiological imaging. The radiology diagnostics include X – ray, Ultrasound, Doppler, echocardiography, OPG, CT Scan and all invasive special tests. The Pathology tests including all haematology, serology, biochemistry, immunology, histopathology, etc are the various parameters that a pathologist uses to study and evaluate the well being of the body. The combination of both the pathology and radiology testing helps the diagnostic centre to evaluate and diagnose the bodily problems that you are facing. This often results in an accurate evaluation of the medical problems that you are facing. And hence the treatment is also accurate and effective.

CT Scan in South Delhi is a test that involves multiple digital imaging of the body, where the images are taken at all different angles. The images so taken are focused not only at different angles of the body but also of different slices of the body. The end result is that the digital images can show or identify any irregularities. The radiologist is able to focus and study the images and point out any growth or tumour etc. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a diagnostic centre renowned for its diagnostic capabilities and efficiencies. Dr. Rajan the radiologist at the centre is popular for the testing capabilities and diagnostics efficiencies in South Delhi. His 20 years experience in the radiology diagnostics covering all modalities is something that contributes profusely to the success of the diagnostic testing at the CT Scan in South Delhi, which is Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare.

Definition of a Best Diagnostic Centre

What is the definition of a best diagnostic center in south Delhi? I would think that it is one that is providing all diagnostic modalities under one roof. A lot of people think that diagnostic means only blood test or may be just an X ray. But that is not true. Today there is a vast emergence of diagnostic procedures available. Only a combination of these procedures helps us determine the absolute wellness of our body and health. Many people think that just a blood test will help determine the health of the organs of our body. Like a KFT will judge the wellness of the kidney or a lipid profile blood test will determine the wellness of our heart etc. But the main thing that is over looked is that can a blood test for the kidney determine if there are stones in the kidney? Or a Lipid profile for the heart can it determine if there are any blockages in the heart or a weakness in the heart muscle? The answer is no. A blood test at the most can determine infection in these organs or any such irregularities which are identified through the bodily fluids. However when these blood tests are accompanied by an image of the organ then a lot more can be determined and mentioned about the wellness of the health of the body.

Therefore the definition of a best diagnostic center in south Delhi is one which is providing all pathological and radiological testing, along with doctors to analyse, verify and analyse the reports – all available under one roof. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is one such best diagnostic center in south Delhi, that is providing all these features under one roof. Be it blood tests or CT Scan or Ultrasound or X ray, all diagnostic tests are provided in one centre.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a complete diagnostic centre with a popular reputation for its digital X-ray center. The diagnostic centre is providing the latest digital X-ray machine which is providing state of the art X – ray imagery. Helvetia digital X – ray center is popular for its imagery and the complete diagnosis with analysis it is providing. A visit to its website at will reveal all the modalities and services available.