Blood Test Center & Pathology Lab in GK 1

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is considered the best blood test center in Greater Kailash 1. The centre is a complete diagnostic centre providing pathological and radiological modalities. The place is known for its gentle but yet professionally efficient technical staff. Being pricked is one of the worst fears for many and visiting a diagnostic centre is usually associated with pain and one of our worst fears. However Helvetia being the best pathology lab in south Delhi, is known for its congenial and personal handling. Patients are made comfortable before any test is conducted. The phlebotomist is so experienced with multiple years of handling all types of patients, that in a single gentle prick the technician is able to withdraw blood of a child or a baby.

Helvetia blood test center in Greater Kailash 1, is using digital pathology to interpret and quantify the data so collected from the patients. Data refers to all the bodily fluids so collected along with the history of the patient. History of patient is the course of treatment adopted, the total complaints of the patient and any genetic illnesses in the family. This best pathology lab in south Delhi is providing immunology, biochemistry, haematology and microbiology parameters of the blood and the body. The pathological findings are correlated to the radiological imaging and then a complete bodily analysis is obtained. Once the accurate diagnosis is achieved under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja, the treating doctor is able to implement the treatment accurately and successfully.

Hence it is recommended to visit the website of the best pathology lab in south delhi at This will enlighten you to all the varied facilities available at the centre. And do remember that all these facilities are administered professional but yet with empathy and gentleness. So next time you have to visit a healthcare centre you will not cringe with the thought of the prick and all the discomfort that is associated with it.

Blood Testing Laboratory in South Delhi

Today Diagnostics form a very important part of our lives. To lead a healthy life other than a frugal life style, regular health checks also play an important role. A visit to a blood test laboratory in Greater Kailash 1, by the name of Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare, will show you all the diagnostic parameters available. Blood test or pathology is only one part of diagnosis. Radiology is another imperative part of the diagnosis. Blood testing is about testing the bodily fluids for health diagnosis, infections etc. Radio diagnosis provides the imaging factor where in the radiologist with the help of machines is able to look inside our bodies and identify any irregularities.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare the blood testing laboratory in Greater Kailash 1, is a complete diagnostic centre. Here one gets a complete health check up done right from radio diagnosis to a blood tests etc. One does not have to go to hospitals, stand in long quos, pay exorbitant bills etc to get these tests done. Pathology is that department of diagnostics which helps us identify any deficiencies, source of the disease, diseases etc. The radio imaging correlates with the pathology and together the doctor is able to identify the problem and then treat accordingly.

There are various parameters that are studied under each blood test before providing with the reading and the diagnosis. For a simple KFT or kidney function test a range of 14 – 15 parameters are studied and the reading the so many parameters are provided. Many a time a lab can overlook the multiple parameters and provide reading for only 4-5 parameters. It is therefore important that all tests should be done at labs that are providing the correct and detailed analysis. A visit to the website of the blood testing laboratory in Greater Kailash 1, at will reveal all the services available at this centre.

Importance of Ultrasound in Diagnosis

The ultrasound center in south delhi is renown by the name of Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. The centre is strategically located on the main road of the Greater Kailash Part 1, amongst spacious setting of parks etc. Under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja the radiologist, the diagnostic centre is providing all modalities of diagnosis comprising the radiological imaging and the pathology lab gk1. Ultra sonography is an integral part of the radiological imaging. The machine using the latest technology is able to produce images of the organs inside our body with the help of sound waves. This technology is completely radiation free. Hence it is safe to use this machine for diagnosis for elderly people and the small children and pregnant mothers.

This radiological imaging allows the radiologist to look inside the patient body and analyse the well being of the organs and the soft tissues of the body. This would include the heart, blood vessels,, gall bladder, uterus, eyes, thyroid , breast etc.

The ultrasound center in south delhi, is using the Ultrasound as the most popular diagnostic equipment used for diagnosis especially in case of pregnant women as it is completely radiation free. The radiologist uses his expertise to evaluate the wellness of the foetus, the blood supply to and from the foetus; or any tumours etc in the uterus. In cardiology this machine helps the cardiologist and the radiologist to look inside the heart and evaluate or identify any irregularities in the heart muscle or in the blood flow to and from the heart. Abdominal ultrasound helps to identify any blockages or inflammation or cysts or stone or any such irregularity in the organs of the stomach. This would include the liver, kidney gall bladder etc. The Ultrasound technology is also used for invasive diagnosis where with the help and under the guidance of the ultrasound machine a puncture is made to draw out any fluid that has abnormally collected in any organ of the body. This fluid is then further tested for any infections or abnormalities by the pathology lab gk1.

A visit to the website of the ultrasound center in south delhi and the pathology lab gk1, at will reveal all the services available at the diagnostic centre. And the advantages of each test thereof.