ECG Test in Best Diagnostic Center South Delhi

Are you looking for the best diagnostic center in south delhi ? Well you don’t have to look far. Right on the main road and at the entrance of Greater Kailash Part 1, you will find Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. A diagnostic centre is considered complete and efficient only when it is providing all the diagnostic modalities. This would include pathological findings as well as radiological imaging. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare the best diagnostic center in south delhi is providing all these diagnostic modalities under one roof. In addition if the patient so desires, doctors are available at the centre to provide interpretation of the diagnostic evaluation and guidance to the patient also.

Pathology refers to that branch of medicine or medical which analysis the bodily fluids and there after contributes to its analogical findings. This would include all immunology, biochemistry, haematology and microbiology parameters, of blood and body fluids. These pathological findings checks on the medical fitness of the patient by analysing the levels of proteins, hormones, electrolytes etc. Thereby identifying timely of any up coming deficiency or disease or medical symptom. These blood parameters help identify the cause, nature and origin of any disease, the person may be suffering from.

The best diagnostic centre in south delhi then correlates these pathological findings to the radiological imaging factors. This then allows the doctor to interpret and evaluate professionally and accurately as to the actual well being of the patient under observation. Only a complete and professionally profound diagnostic centre can provide all such complete expert diagnostic facilities.

A common and popular test for the heart is an echocardiogram or an ecg test in south delhi. This is a quick and easy test that studies the working of the heart muscle. It is basically a diagnostic tool that is commonly used to assess the functioning of the muscles of the heart. The machine records the rate and the rhythm of the heart beat and it also provides evidence of the blood flow to the heart. It is a simple test to perform and the machine is a portable machine and can be taken to the patient in case the patient is not in a state to be moved.

A visit to the best diagnostic centre in south delhi will also provide you with the ecg test in south delhi. Hence a visit to the website of the diagnostic centre is prudent and will allow you to experience the professional and accurate diagnostic rating provided by the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. The website for the same is

Echocardiography Test GK 1 South Delhi

The heart is one of the most revered organs of the body. Its medical well-being is of utmost concern amongst all individuals. Heart disease is also a genetic ailment passed on from parent to child etc. Heart disease and stroke are the primary cause of death in 80 % of the population of the world. Hence it is important to get regular health check-ups done to evaluate the efficiency and well being of the heart as a vital organ of the body. Diagnostic centres provide radiological imaging as one of the primary heart check up tests. This includes echocardiography test south Delhi. Along with the radiological findings it is important to get a pathological evaluation done also. This would include certain blood tests that monitor the cholesterol levels in the heart. The radiological tests allow the radiologist to evaluate and identify any blockages or unnatural rhythm of the heart muscle.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is one such diagnostic centre that is providing echocardiography tests south Delhi. This is a complete diagnostic centre where along with the radiological imaging and evaluation, pathological study is also done. The blood tests when correlated with the radiological findings help provide an accurate picture of the medical well being of the heart. The treating doctor or the cardiologist based on these results can advise the correct mode of treatment along with the preventions. Preventions of course help retard the progressive nature of the disease. Cure is purely dependant on the treatment provided by the treating doctor. Cure is a combination of medicines and preventives. Preventions or precautions usually are advised in diet plans and exercise is a must for the general well being.

The radiological test echocardiography test south Delhi is conducted at the Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare and is considered a conclusive test for the evaluation of the general well being of the heart. It is advised that all individuals after the age of 30-35 should get a heart evaluation done at least once a year. The growing pressures of performance in today’s world are nurturing the predominating levels of stress. Harbouring stress is not healthy for the body or the mind. Undue stress does affect the heart adversely and this causes the cholesterol level to increase and have unhealthy implications on the heart as an organ. Hence it is now recommended to have complete body checkups annually from the age of 30-35 onwards. A visit to the website at will enumerate all the diagnostic facilities available at the centre.

Diagnostic Centre & Pathology Lab for Blood Tests in Gk 1, Delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a popular pathology lab gk 1. The centre is a complete diagnostic centre taking care of all modalities under one roof or centre. This includes all the radiology and the pathology parameters. The radiology includes ultrasound, X – ray, CT scan, including all special tests like echocardiography, barium swallow, HSG, FNAC etc. The Radiology department basically covers all modalities including all the invasive tests.

Helvetia blood test lab in GK 1, helps qualify and quantify the immunology, biochemistry, hematology and microbiology parameters of the blood and other tissues. The pathology services help identify and the cause origin nature and course of any disease that the patient may be suffering from. In simpler terms pathology lab gk 1 through the testing of the blood and other bodily fluids, also checks on the medical fitness of the patient by analyzing the levels of the proteins, hormones, electrolytes etc found in the body. Thus any deficiency or upcoming medical symptom or disease can be timely identified and analyzed. All this diagnosis helps identify and analyze the medical and physical well being of the patient.

Along with the blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1, Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is also providing radiology services. This includes all types of ultrasound, X ray, CT Scan and MRI. The Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare pathology lab is using digital pathology machines to interpret and quantify the immunology, biochemistry, microbiology and hematology parameters of the blood and bodily fluids. Once that is accomplished the radiologist Dr. Rajan Sahunja at the Helvetia pathology lab GK 1, with the help of radiological imaging looks inside our body and correlates any radiological findings with that of the blood testing. The radiological imaging is conducting with the help of resonance imaging and the respective organs be it the heart, lungs, liver gall bladder, kidneys etc, are hence correctly analyzed. Then only correct and accurate diagnosis is achieved. With the help of these findings and diagnosis the treating doctor then can accurately identify the disease the follow the course of treatment accordingly. There by giving accurate treatment and medical advice.

Hence a visit to the Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare website at is recommended so as to enlighten you to all the facilities available at the blood test lab Greater Kailash 1 diagnostics centre.

Air Ambulance Service in Greater Kailash Delhi

Repatriation – a new concept in the medical field. Much to the relief of NRI s and visiting tourists across the world, repatriation is now a common affair catering to the Air ambulance service in south Delhi. This service is being provided by Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare in the hub of south Delhi. In case of any medical assistance required across the globe, the patient can be transported from one country to another or one city to another under the aegis of a senior experienced doctor and super technical equipment. A critically ill patient can now easily be transferred across countries and cities under the technical and critical support of Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare. This diagnostic centre provides the Air ambulance service in south Delhi. The first class chamber of an international passenger airline is transferred into an ICU unit. The patient is accompanied by a doctor and senior nurse. The critical care equipment is also provided for in the airline.

Many people around the globe are making use of these repatriation facilities. It can be an NRI in Canada who is critically ill and wants to one last time come back to India and spend the last few days with their families. Or it can be a mountaineer up in the Himalaya s, who has met with an accident and wants to return to his home town in London or any other country that he belongs to. Or then again it is a critically ill Indian patient who wants to go to the USA for medical treatment. All these wishes can now be fulfilled with the Air ambulance service in south Delhi, provided by Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare.

This service is headed by Dr. Chandra, who has over 15 years experience in this field. Under his supervision the patient is transferred to the country of his desire safely and securely. A visit to the website at can educate you to all the facilities available at the centre.

Dental X-Ray GK 1 Delhi

Our teeth are the most neglected part of our body. How many of us visit the dentist regularly to ascertain any cavities or decay or even oral infection! Well dentist or not, on your next visit to a diagnostic centre you can get a dental x-ray GK 1, done. A dental x –ray or OPG will enlighten you to the well being of your teeth. As you have your regular checkups done like blood tests, ultrasound, CT Scan etc, you can also get your dental x – ray. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is one such diagnostic centre in south Delhi which is doing all diagnostic modalities under one roof. It is also providing dental x-ray GK1.

Full body health check is what our regular physician advises us. And this is recommended to get done at least once a year. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a complete diagnostic centre that is providing all diagnostic modalities under one roof in greater Kailash part 1. Further this is one institution that is providing dental x-ray GK1 along with the other diagnostic tests in the regular health packages also.

Maintaining healthy dentine ensures that less infection is passed into the body. Oral hygiene is of utmost importance. So the OPG or the dental x-ray reveals all cavities, under laying inflammations, infections or any other unusual growth. All this can be determined, within just 5 minutes of your time. So visit the nearest diagnostic centre – Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. Or book your appointment online at A visit to the website will enlighten you to all the diagnostics facilities available under one roof at the dental x-ray GK1

Blood Test Lab & Center in Greater Kailash 1

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a complete diagnostics Centre in Greater Kailash Part 1. The Centre boasts of all Radiology modalities as well as pathology. This blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1, is catering to all pathological tests. All special tests are also conducted in the same premises. Helvetia is popular for its accuracy and efficiency in reporting, there by facilitating the treating doctor with the correct diagnosis.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare blood test center in Greater Kailash 1 is covering all parameters of the pathological testing. This includes hematology, Biochemistry, Immunology etc. by in large all the pathological findings cover all parameters that most doctors require for diagnosis and there after appropriate treatment. The blood test laboratory in Greater Kailash 1, studies the bodily fluids, calibrates the tests, studies the tests, evaluates the results and then only issues the reports. Most labs are dependent on machine and just run the tests and issue the reports. At Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare the reports are studied and evaluated by the team of doctors and technicians and only then released to the patient. It is amazing how much information about the medical well being of the body can be determined by a study of the bodily fluids. The systematic study helps identify any infections, deficiency and any such abnormality in the body. Helvetia Diagnostics is also providing radiology imaging. Hence in case of any abnormal pathology finding, the patient can immediately undergo radiology imaging at the centre also. These added tests can help either confirm the results of the blood test and or identify any further medical abnormality in the body. There after the treating doctor aided with the diagnosis of the blood tests and the imaging can efficiently treat the problem.

The machines incorporated in the blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1; to conduct the tests on the bodily fluids are top of the line and using the latest technology. Along with the efficiency and accuracy so provided with these high tech machines the experienced pathologist and expert technicians of the lab closely watch the functioning of the testing, thereby ensuring minimal error in the evaluation and calculation of the tests. All this vigilance on part of the blood test lab team ensures accurate and detailed reporting allowing for minimalistic margins for any kind of human errors.

A visit to the website of the blood test lab in Greater Kailash 1, at can reveal all the facilities and tests available at the diagnostic centre.