CGHS Approved CT Scan Centre in South Delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a complete diagnostics centre in south Delhi. It is one of the few centres that are providing all diagnostic modalities under one roof, which is not a hospital. The centre is providing radiological imaging as well as pathology services. Under radiology the modalities that are available are – Ultrasound, Doppler, Digital X-rays, OPG, CT Scan in South Delhi.

For the Pathology the laboratory is in house. As a result the proficiency and accuracy is maintained under the direct supervision of the doctors. There are multiple doctors available on the panel of Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. All are highly experienced and qualified. The radiologist who conducts the CT Scan in South Delhi is Dr. Rajan Sahunja. He is a highly qualified radiologist with 20 years experience in all radiological modalities. He is the director of Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare, the CT Scan in South Delhi. The centre is renowned for its accurate diagnostics proficiency and accuracy. With the help of these accurate reports the treating doctor is able to provide appropriate treatment based on the diagnosis so provided by the diagnostic centre.

The radiological equipment at the Helvetia diagnostic centre, is state of the art and the latest equipment. As a result the imaging so provided is highly digitalised and sharp, leaving no scope for any error or misinterpretation. Due to the highly regular calibration of the machines, the machines emit minimalistic radiation. As an advantage to the patient, he is exposed to minimal radiation at the time of diagnosis. The ultrasound machine is completely radiation free and hence very safe for children and pregnant women. Hence it is to the advantage of the patient to get all diagnosis done from this CT Scan in South Delhi, Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. A visit to the website at will enlighten you to the facilities and services available.

Echo-Cardiography Test South Delhi

The heart, one of the most revered organ of our body. Echocardiography test South Delhi is a test that helps identify any irregularity in our heart. The test facilitates the doctor to monitor the functioning of the heart and its valves. The machine uses sound waves to produce live images of the heart. This test does not expose the patient to any radiation as the radiologist is using sound waves to produce the images of the heart. These images are also called an echocardiogram.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a proficient diagnostic centre where an echo-cardiography test south Delhi is conducted. This is a popular test used by cardiologists to determine and monitor the functioning of the heart muscles and its valves. No heart check up is complete without this prevalence of this test. Echocardiography test south Delhi is conducted in the presence of a cardiologist and a radiolologist. Both the specialists’ doctors analyze the images so produced and evaluate the exact functioning and health of the heart.

An echocardiography indicates helps identify blood clots in the body, any problems with the functioning of the aorta which is the main blood supplying artery in the body. Then again echocardiogrpahy test in south delhi can reveal a weak heart muscle or any irregular heartbeat, and even pin point any fluid collection in the sac around the heart etc. Then again in unborn children who are still in the mother’s womb, an echocardiography can reveal any heart defects in the unborn child. And to mention again this test is free of any radiation so it will not harm the mother or the unborn child either. Thus this is a very popular and comprehensive test used by cardiologists or gynaecologists to identify any irregularities in the heart.

A visit to Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare diagnostic centre website at will reveal all the facilities available at the centre. You will also find that this centre is most popular for the echocardiography test in south Delhi.