Air Ambulance Service in South Delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is famous for the air ambulance service in south Delhi. These repatriation services are provided via a commercial airline, road ambulances and air ambulances is made possible to all international destinations. A section of the airline is converted in to an ICU unit. Escort doctors and nurses are present and ensure that the patient is transferred to the new country professionally and efficiently. Doctors and nurses are present in case of any emergency during transport. Vital machines are also provided during the journey by Helvetia diagnostics and Healthcare.

The air ambulance service in south Delhi is a concept bringing international medical aid to your doorstep. Many a times NRI s wants to return to their home town in India to their family and medically recover surrounded by their loved ones. This is made possible by the air ambulance service in south Delhi by Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. It is imperative that an efficient doctor with an experience and specialty in emergency medicine accompanies the patient. A similarly qualified nurse should also be present and accompany the patient. Vital machines which regulate the breathing or the heart beat are also provided for, leaving no space for any mishap.

Countries which are most sought after for this air ambulance services are: USA, Canada, UK, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, UAE, Kazakhstan etc. Visas for the respective countries are already marked on the doctors and nurses passport. This makes it possible for the team to transfer the patient from the aircraft to the hospital also.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing air ambulance service in south Delhi. A qualified doctor for emergency medicine is on the panel of the diagnostics centre. Dr. Chandra is a qualified doctor with many years of experience in this field only. He has transferred critically ill patients to different countries all around the world. A visit to the website at will reveal all the facilities available at the centre and also provide you with a synopsis of the work done with regard to the repatriation services.

Colour Doppler Ultrasound in GK 1

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare provides Color Doppler Ultrasound in GK 1. The centre is popular for all the diagnostic tests that it is providing. It is a one stop shop for all diagnostics tests that an individual may want for the basic well being or for identifying any ailment in the body. The testing facility provides pathology and radiology tests. Pathology tests include all blood tests and any other tests for bodily fluids. By conducting the serelogy or haematology or biochemistry etc tests on the bodily fluids, any infections, deficiencies or irregularities in the body can be identified. The radiology tests include the CT scan, Dental X ray, Digital X- ray, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, Color Doppler Ultrasound in GK 1.

Radiological investigative tests basically provide you with digital images of the interiors of the body. With the help of these images the radiologist is able to decipher any irregularities with respect to the organs of the body. These images are highly comprehensive and sharp giving a good in site to the medical well being of the individual. An Ultrasound machine provides images with the help of sound waves. It is one of the most popular radiological diagnostic tests today. This radiological test is conducted without any exposure to radiation. Hence it is absolutely safe with no side effects what so ever, and hence it is used amongst pregnant women and old people also.

Colour Doppler is a specialised extension of the ultrasound. This probe which is part of the ultrasound machine looks in to the flow of blood in our veins and arteries. It can identify blood clots and other blockages in the veins arteries and other vassals and organs in our body. The Color Doppler Ultrasound in GK 1 at the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is set up under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja. The Diagnostic centre is renowned for its ability to diagnose and identify any medical problems that the patient is facing. The team of doctors including the pathologist, radiologist and the other team present help find medical solutions to the problems that the patient is facing. As a result of the accurate diagnosis, the treating doctor is able to efficiently treat the patient also.

A visit to the website at will help you understand all the diagnostic services available and the respective protocols followed at the centre.