Best CT Scan Center in Greater Kailash 1 South Delhi

CT scan is a highly specialized diagnostic test that provides detailed images of the body tissue bones etc, of the body. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing best CT scan center in greater kailash south Delhi. The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India provides the license to radiological centers to install these highly specialized machines, used for the purpose of diagnostics. By following the regulations enlisted by this board the diagnostic centre ensures that the patient is not exposed to excessive radiation and proper patient care is provided.

A CT Scan is basically a computerized topography of the the human body. it combines a series of X rays taken from various different angles, all around the human bossy. These x-rays are then uses with the help of a computer to generate cross sectional images of the body. This would basically include the bones, blood vassals, soft tissues and other multiple organs. This technology of cross sectional images is also called multiple slices which are 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional images of the sections of the body. Basically these cross sectional digital x-rays are combined and help to create 3 dimensional or 2 dimensional images of the body. A CT Scan provides more detailed images than a normal X – Ray.

Best CT scan center in greater kailash 1 south Delhi uses these 3 dimensional or 2 dimensional radiological images to diagnose a disease, plan a treatment or to find out how well the treatment is working. This scan is also called a CAT scan or a topography scan.

There is an exposure to radiation when undergoing this test. Therefore it is mandatory that a licensing authority is prevalent to ensure that the radiological centers maintain their machines well. The AERD periodically checks the radiation levels at the centre. Excessive radiation exposure can not only affect the patient but also the technicians and doctors who are operating the machine and treating the patient. The room in which the machine is located is empanelled with lead sheeting thereby ensuring that the radiation does not pass out from the room. Radiation is expelled only when the machine is taking the images. There after the radiation dispels in the atmosphere. So for those few minutes it is important the guidelines are maintained and no radiation escapes the room.

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