Know about the Advantages of a 4D Ultrasound during Pregnancy

Healthcare is a word that is synonymous with our well being. But how many of us take out time to check on our own physical well being. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare – an ultrasound scan center in GK 1, is a one stop shop to ensure the correct evaluation for our physical well being. This Doppler ultrasound center in GK 1, provides various health checkups and medical packages to evaluate our physical well being. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is also providing pathology services in south Delhi. Hence the medical packages so provided at this ultrasound scan center in GK 1, are a combination of blood tests and radiology imaging.

Doppler ultrasound in GK1

Ultrasound is a radio-logical procedure that helps the radiologist to look inside our body without exposing us to radiation. With the resonance imaging Dr. Rajan Sahunja at the ultrasound center in GK 1, is able to see the various organs in the body and provide an accurate diagnosis of the conditions affecting the respective organ and tissues of our body. The organs include the heart, lungs, liver gall bladder, kidney etc. Helvetia ultrasound scan center in GK 1 is famous for 3D and 4D ultrasound. Helvetia diagnostics also provides Doppler ultrasound in GK 1. With the help of the Doppler imaging the radiologist at this Doppler ultrasound in GK 1, Dr. Rajan Sahunja diagnoses blood clots, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancies, fetal well being etc.

When one discusses healthcare, we discuss various medical details. But has one thought of our teeth. Our teeth are the most neglected part of our body, even though they play a major role in enhancing our smile and then our personality. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare also provides OPG dental x-ray in GK 1. The ultrasound scan center in GK 1, has taken the pains to include dental x-ray in the health packages that they provide. Hence a visit to the OPG dental x –ray in GK 1, will help identify any cavities or impurities in our teeth. For details of the facilities so provided, a visit to the website at, will prove very fruitful.

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