Color Doppler Cost

Get integrated diagnostic facilities under one roof in GK 1

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is one of the Best Pathology Labs in South Delhi. Along with the pathology services the Helvetia Diagnostic center provides radio-logical imaging. Helvetia is also popularly known as ultrasound clinic in GK 1. This Doppler ultrasound in GK 1, provides all diagnostic services under one roof. That is along with pathology services, all kinds of digital ultrasound, color Doppler, digital x-ray and OPG; facilities are also available.

Helvetia pathology services in South Delhi, provides blood evaluation that caters to quantifying and qualifying the immunology, hematology and biochemistry parameters of the blood. Pathology is that field of medical science that studies and identifies the causes and effect of diseases. It is the laboratory examination of samples of body tissue for diagnostic purposes.

However no diagnostic procedure is complete if it is not accompanied with radiological imaging. Blood examination followed up with radiological imaging – be it X-Ray or ultrasound, only then the diagnosis can give a complete picture. The Helvetia ultrasound clinic in GK 1, provides all the parameters of diagnosis under one roof. This Color Doppler center in GK 1, provides accurate diagnosis which can then be followed up by the treating doctor for positive results.

Color Doppler Cost

Helvetia Doppler ultrasound in GK 1, provides diagnosis without exposing the body to radiation. This procedure allows the radiologist to look inside our body and identify any abnormalities. This can range from stones in the kidney, fatty liver or fault in the blood flow to the uterus in the pregnant mother. Echocardiography also helps in identifying any irregularities with issues related to the heart. At the Helvetia ultrasound clinic in GK 1, the echocardiography test is conducted by a radiologist and a cardiologist. The presence of both these super specialized doctors ensures that the Ultrasound Test in South Delhi is conducted in complete harmony of both the clinician and the diagnostic.

Thus a diagnostic centre is able to bring about efficiency in its testing diagnostic facilities. The Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare color Doppler center in GK 1 and providing pathology services in south Delhi, is a center to reckon with. Feel free to get in touch via call us on +91-11-46566999 or +91-9810036334 to know the Doppler Ultrasound Cost in South Delhi.

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