Employee Health Checkup

Employee Health Checkup in Delhi

It is mandatory in Corporate’s, Banks and Hotels to have the health checks done of majority of their staff. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is empanelled with many such organisations for their employee health checks. Helvetia is known for holding cost effective pathological and radiological camps at the required official sites, there by bringing ‘convenience and efficiency’, to your door step.

Before joining a company it is mandatory for some organisations to ensure that the newly hired personnel are medically fit. This is called pre-employment health checks. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare provides this service also to many corporate and hotels.

Association with Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare in this category provides the respective organisational staff and employee with further benefits. Helvetia offers diagnostic care including radiological and pathological care for the families of the associated staff of these organisations at substantially discounted rates.

Looking for Employee Health Checkup in South Delhi ? Look no further than Helvetia Diagnostics & Healthcare, We are providing Employee Health Checkup in South Delhi. Feel free to Book online appointment via call us on + 91-11-46566999 or email on info@helvetiadiagnostics.com