Empanelment With Corporate And Hotels

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is pleased to present its diagnostic services to cater to the corporate, hotels and charity organisations. General health check-up packages are our forte as well – as we provide compact, yet comprehensive packages all under one roof for patients, employees, and companies who would require routine health check-ups. Before joining a new organisation it is mandatory for the new employees to undergo a medical check up and pass a fitness tests. Many organisations have collaborated with Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare to do the same. Helvetia propounds:-

1. Low turn-around time for the pre- employment check up. We emphasize on importance of time and we make sure our patients breeze in and out without any delay beyond the time frame mentioned while booking an appointment.

2. Accuracy of the test results.

3. Availability of portable radiological technology machines, offer to hold camps for the Annual Health checks on the organisational premises there by providing convenience to employees.

4. In case of hotels, Helvetia is providing Medical Repatriation services for the hotel guests, in case they have to be airlifted with emergency medical equipment, back to their country, due to a medical emergency.

5. Affiliation with NGOs by routinely organising medical camps and charity events. Some of the NGOs are :-
a) Savera Association
b) Pariwar Sewa Sansthan

6. Association with government hospitals and thereby providing their overflowing patients with diagnostics at totally charitable rates. Basically, no poor patient turns away from Helvetia for the lack of funds to carry out diagnostics.

Organisational affiliation with Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a relationship to reckon with. We help the organisations, be it hotels, NGOs, or corporates, to meet with their medical requirement. And through the charity events Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare gets an opportunity to give back to the community.