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Always Choose a Reputed Digital OPG Dental X-Ray Center in GK 1

Healthcare is the most important aspect of our lives today. The health of every member of the family is very important as it reflects the feeling of ‘well being and happiness”. Diagnostics is an integral part of health care. It helps identify and reflect on the medical condition of our body. Diagnostic imaging lets the doctor look inside our bodies and check on the exact wellness of our body. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare –x-ray diagnostic center in GK 1, provides complete body checkups, under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja. The digital x – ray image so provided helps determine which disease is plaguing the patient’s body

Digital x – ray reveals the status of our bones and somewhat our organs too. The digital x-ray center greater Kailash  1, has an x –r ay machine which has a high resonance imaging factor there by providing a sharper and denser image, than the x-ray machine with the analogue version. As a result the radiologist at the Digital x–ray center in GK 1, Dr. Rajan Sahunja is able to provide a detailed diagnosis of the study of the internal body of the patients.

The point to note is that when undergoing a diagnosis one will get the blood tests done or the ultrasound done from the digital opg dental x-ray center in GK 1, but will forget about the status of our teeth. Our Teeth are the most neglected part of our body. Teeth are the major contributing factor for the enhancement of our face. A digital OPG dental x-ray center in GK 1, will reveal a panoramic view of the mandible and teeth thereby helping to identify any dental diseases like :

  1. Caries or Inflammation
  2. It would also reveal the shape of roots and the size and shape of the teeth
  3. Any dental abnormalities would also be revealed as in the number or size of the teeth
  4. Further any trauma to teeth and facial skeleton would also be identified

To learn more about the digital OPG dental x-ray center in GK 1 and  digital x-ray center in GK 1, please visit the website of Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare at . More details of all the facilities at the centre and what the respective tests are trying to achieve are enlisted.

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