CGHS Approved CT Scan Centre in South Delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a complete diagnostics centre in south Delhi. It is one of the few centres that are providing all diagnostic modalities under one roof, which is not a hospital. The centre is providing radiological imaging as well as pathology services. Under radiology the modalities that are available are – Ultrasound, Doppler, Digital X-rays, OPG, CT Scan in South Delhi.

For the Pathology the laboratory is in house. As a result the proficiency and accuracy is maintained under the direct supervision of the doctors. There are multiple doctors available on the panel of Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. All are highly experienced and qualified. The radiologist who conducts the CT Scan in South Delhi is Dr. Rajan Sahunja. He is a highly qualified radiologist with 20 years experience in all radiological modalities. He is the director of Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare, the CT Scan in South Delhi. The centre is renowned for its accurate diagnostics proficiency and accuracy. With the help of these accurate reports the treating doctor is able to provide appropriate treatment based on the diagnosis so provided by the diagnostic centre.

The radiological equipment at the Helvetia diagnostic centre, is state of the art and the latest equipment. As a result the imaging so provided is highly digitalised and sharp, leaving no scope for any error or misinterpretation. Due to the highly regular calibration of the machines, the machines emit minimalistic radiation. As an advantage to the patient, he is exposed to minimal radiation at the time of diagnosis. The ultrasound machine is completely radiation free and hence very safe for children and pregnant women. Hence it is to the advantage of the patient to get all diagnosis done from this CT Scan in South Delhi, Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. A visit to the website at will enlighten you to the facilities and services available.

Echo-Cardiography Test South Delhi

The heart, one of the most revered organ of our body. Echocardiography test South Delhi is a test that helps identify any irregularity in our heart. The test facilitates the doctor to monitor the functioning of the heart and its valves. The machine uses sound waves to produce live images of the heart. This test does not expose the patient to any radiation as the radiologist is using sound waves to produce the images of the heart. These images are also called an echocardiogram.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a proficient diagnostic centre where an echo-cardiography test south Delhi is conducted. This is a popular test used by cardiologists to determine and monitor the functioning of the heart muscles and its valves. No heart check up is complete without this prevalence of this test. Echocardiography test south Delhi is conducted in the presence of a cardiologist and a radiolologist. Both the specialists’ doctors analyze the images so produced and evaluate the exact functioning and health of the heart.

An echocardiography indicates helps identify blood clots in the body, any problems with the functioning of the aorta which is the main blood supplying artery in the body. Then again echocardiogrpahy test in south delhi can reveal a weak heart muscle or any irregular heartbeat, and even pin point any fluid collection in the sac around the heart etc. Then again in unborn children who are still in the mother’s womb, an echocardiography can reveal any heart defects in the unborn child. And to mention again this test is free of any radiation so it will not harm the mother or the unborn child either. Thus this is a very popular and comprehensive test used by cardiologists or gynaecologists to identify any irregularities in the heart.

A visit to Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare diagnostic centre website at will reveal all the facilities available at the centre. You will also find that this centre is most popular for the echocardiography test in south Delhi.

Air Ambulance Service in South Delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is famous for the air ambulance service in south Delhi. These repatriation services are provided via a commercial airline, road ambulances and air ambulances is made possible to all international destinations. A section of the airline is converted in to an ICU unit. Escort doctors and nurses are present and ensure that the patient is transferred to the new country professionally and efficiently. Doctors and nurses are present in case of any emergency during transport. Vital machines are also provided during the journey by Helvetia diagnostics and Healthcare.

The air ambulance service in south Delhi is a concept bringing international medical aid to your doorstep. Many a times NRI s wants to return to their home town in India to their family and medically recover surrounded by their loved ones. This is made possible by the air ambulance service in south Delhi by Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare. It is imperative that an efficient doctor with an experience and specialty in emergency medicine accompanies the patient. A similarly qualified nurse should also be present and accompany the patient. Vital machines which regulate the breathing or the heart beat are also provided for, leaving no space for any mishap.

Countries which are most sought after for this air ambulance services are: USA, Canada, UK, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, UAE, Kazakhstan etc. Visas for the respective countries are already marked on the doctors and nurses passport. This makes it possible for the team to transfer the patient from the aircraft to the hospital also.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing air ambulance service in south Delhi. A qualified doctor for emergency medicine is on the panel of the diagnostics centre. Dr. Chandra is a qualified doctor with many years of experience in this field only. He has transferred critically ill patients to different countries all around the world. A visit to the website at will reveal all the facilities available at the centre and also provide you with a synopsis of the work done with regard to the repatriation services.

Colour Doppler Ultrasound in GK 1

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare provides Color Doppler Ultrasound in GK 1. The centre is popular for all the diagnostic tests that it is providing. It is a one stop shop for all diagnostics tests that an individual may want for the basic well being or for identifying any ailment in the body. The testing facility provides pathology and radiology tests. Pathology tests include all blood tests and any other tests for bodily fluids. By conducting the serelogy or haematology or biochemistry etc tests on the bodily fluids, any infections, deficiencies or irregularities in the body can be identified. The radiology tests include the CT scan, Dental X ray, Digital X- ray, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, Color Doppler Ultrasound in GK 1.

Radiological investigative tests basically provide you with digital images of the interiors of the body. With the help of these images the radiologist is able to decipher any irregularities with respect to the organs of the body. These images are highly comprehensive and sharp giving a good in site to the medical well being of the individual. An Ultrasound machine provides images with the help of sound waves. It is one of the most popular radiological diagnostic tests today. This radiological test is conducted without any exposure to radiation. Hence it is absolutely safe with no side effects what so ever, and hence it is used amongst pregnant women and old people also.

Colour Doppler is a specialised extension of the ultrasound. This probe which is part of the ultrasound machine looks in to the flow of blood in our veins and arteries. It can identify blood clots and other blockages in the veins arteries and other vassals and organs in our body. The Color Doppler Ultrasound in GK 1 at the Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is set up under the aegis of Dr. Rajan Sahunja. The Diagnostic centre is renowned for its ability to diagnose and identify any medical problems that the patient is facing. The team of doctors including the pathologist, radiologist and the other team present help find medical solutions to the problems that the patient is facing. As a result of the accurate diagnosis, the treating doctor is able to efficiently treat the patient also.

A visit to the website at will help you understand all the diagnostic services available and the respective protocols followed at the centre.

Best CT Scan Center in Greater Kailash 1 South Delhi

CT scan is a highly specialized diagnostic test that provides detailed images of the body tissue bones etc, of the body. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing best CT scan center in greater kailash south Delhi. The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India provides the license to radiological centers to install these highly specialized machines, used for the purpose of diagnostics. By following the regulations enlisted by this board the diagnostic centre ensures that the patient is not exposed to excessive radiation and proper patient care is provided.

A CT Scan is basically a computerized topography of the the human body. it combines a series of X rays taken from various different angles, all around the human bossy. These x-rays are then uses with the help of a computer to generate cross sectional images of the body. This would basically include the bones, blood vassals, soft tissues and other multiple organs. This technology of cross sectional images is also called multiple slices which are 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional images of the sections of the body. Basically these cross sectional digital x-rays are combined and help to create 3 dimensional or 2 dimensional images of the body. A CT Scan provides more detailed images than a normal X – Ray.

Best CT scan center in greater kailash 1 south Delhi uses these 3 dimensional or 2 dimensional radiological images to diagnose a disease, plan a treatment or to find out how well the treatment is working. This scan is also called a CAT scan or a topography scan.

There is an exposure to radiation when undergoing this test. Therefore it is mandatory that a licensing authority is prevalent to ensure that the radiological centers maintain their machines well. The AERD periodically checks the radiation levels at the centre. Excessive radiation exposure can not only affect the patient but also the technicians and doctors who are operating the machine and treating the patient. The room in which the machine is located is empanelled with lead sheeting thereby ensuring that the radiation does not pass out from the room. Radiation is expelled only when the machine is taking the images. There after the radiation dispels in the atmosphere. So for those few minutes it is important the guidelines are maintained and no radiation escapes the room.

For more details on the best CT scan center in greater kaialsh 1 south Delhi, visit the website at


Air ambulance service in south delhi, Best CT Scan center in greater kailash 1 south delhi, Medical escort in south delhi

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is providing air ambulance service in south Delhi. Repatriation of a sick person to the destination of their domicile, with the assistance of medical services is a highly specialized vertical in medical care. To organize a complete intensive care unit on a commercial airline so as to professionally and amicably transfer an ailing patient requires good organizing skills. With the professional experience that Helvetia has in medical care, organization of this highly specialized and critical transfer is achieved with easy expertise. An accomplished doctor with 15 years of experience and a specialized nurse accompany the patient. The destination may be domestic or international. All arrangements are made by the air ambulance service in south delhi.

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a complete diagnostic centre in south Delhi. In the radiological fields all kinds of X ray, ultrasound and CT scan are undertaken. They are also providing Laboratory services for the purpose of blood testing. Today Helvetia is acknowledged as the best CT Scan center in greater kailash 1 south delhi. CT scan or CAT scan is a form of radiological imaging. This scan helps doctors to look inside the body and analyze the medical condition of the body. It uses a combination of X rays and generates a computerized image of your organs, bones and other tissues. It is much more detailed version of the X – ray. This scan is used to identify blood clots, internal injuries, infections, tumours etc. Doctors use this means of diagnostics to judge the progress of treatments in critical diseases like cancer, heart disease etc. CT scan is a very popular diagnostic procedure as it provides in depth detailed analysis of the medical condition of the body.

The best CT scan centre in greater kailash 1, is recognized and accredited by the atomic energy regulatory board, which is the licensing board for radiology centers all over India. The Helvetia Diagnostics best CT scan center in greater kailash 1 south delhi , follows the guidelines enlisted by this regulatory board, thereby ensuring minimum exposure to radiation and maintaining quality care to the patients as well.

Helvetia is also providing Medical escort in south Delhi. In case a patient needs to be transferred between cities or even countries, the requisite medical escort can be provided for the same. An experienced and accomplished doctor with a nurse and essential medical equipment is provided and the patient is thus transferred from one place to another. The facility so provided is like a mobile Intensive Care Unit on the wheels.

For all details of services provided at the diagnostic centre in south Delhi, please visit website at


Best Digital x-ray center greater kailash 1

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a digital x-ray center greater kailash 1. Top of the line Japanese machines are providing the professionally sound and technically accurate digitalized x-rays. A Lot of the diagnostics centers are still running outdated analog related x-ray machines. These fail to provide digital images and there by accurate and near perfect images. A lot is then left to guess work. A good x – ray machine inculcating the latest in technology providing high resonance imaging factor, helps give digitally sharper, denser and precise images. A radiologist with the help of these descriptions is able to technically identify and accurately diagnose the medical problem.

Helvetia digital x-ray center greater kailash 1, is registered with the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. This board provides licenses to all radiology centers across India. Guidelines ensure that the radiology machines are well maintained so as to ensure minimal exposure to radiation and provide sincere quality care to the patient.

By following the AERD guidelines Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is able to provide the x-ray images in a short span of time. This of course reduces the waiting time for patients. The software based evaluation provides technically sharper and denser images and hence accuracy in diagnosis.

There is much more to X ray imaging than the simple skeletal x-ray of a broken bone. Since Helvetia conducts all kinds of x-ray including these specialized interventional radiological procedures that is why it is known as a complete digital x-ray center greater kailash1. Some of the most popular diagnostic intravenous x-ray procedures are:-

HSG – the radio graphical dye is inserted into the intrauterine cavity, the uterus or the fallopian tubes. There after digital x-ray images are taken to identify any obstructions or abnormalities in the intrauterine region. This test is usually conducted in women who are unable to conceive due to infertility or hormonal issues.

IVP – digital x-rays are taken of the kidneys, bladder, urinary tract etc, after consuming the dye. These x-ray images show the size, shape, and position of the urinary tract etc. There after proper evaluation ensures professional treatment.

Barium Studies – is the study of the gastrointestinal tract. It is used to diagnose and highlight any abnormalities in the gastrointestinal region of the body. It is a safe efficient and cost effective diagnostic x –ray procedure for the patients suffering from gastrointestinal abnormalities.

The list of specialized x-rays is huge and cannot all be listed. But these are the most common intravenous diagnostic x-rays. For more information on the digital x-ray center greater kailash 1, visit the website at

Best Diagnostic Center in South Delhi, Best Pathology Lab N South Delhi

Visit the best diagnostic center in south delhi for the best accurate diagnosis. Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare best pathology lab in south delhi, is providing top of the line services all under one roof. A diagnostic centre is complete only when it is providing both pathological findings and radiological findings. Very centrally located in Delhi, Helvetia is providing both pathological services and radiological imaging.

The best pathology lab in south delhi provides a complete range of blood tests and other bodily fluids. A systematic and digital analysis of these fluids helps identify any deficiencies and diseases prevalent in the body be it an adult or a baby.

With the presence of ultrasound imaging, X ray and CT scan, Helvetia Diagnostics is able to provide a complete analysis of the human body. With the addition of the imaging factor the radiologist is able to look into the body and see exactly how the organs are performing and if there are any growths or irregularities in the body. Some of these tests can expose the body to radiation. But an ultrasound is such an imaging test that allows the radiologist to look into the body without exposing the patient to any radiation. It is imaging based on sound waves. Latest and updated digital technology helps reduce any risks that that the body is exposed to and increases the valuation of the diagnosis. With the help of the latest ultrasound machine Dr. Rajan Sahunja, is able to identify and diagnose any irregularity in the human body with much clarity and efficiency.

To know more about the different tests and services available visit the website  The website also explains what each tests mean and will help you also decide what tests you would like to get done.

Blood Test Center in Greater Kailash 1, Blood Test Laboratory in Greater Kailash

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is a popular blood test center in greater kailash 1. Blood testing is an imperative component of pathological testing for finding of any discrepancies in the human body. A correct analysis of the body helps the treating doctor treat you better and achieve the aspired results. There are multiple branches in the blood testing pathological findings that are required for any diagnosis. These are Immunology, Hematology, Biochemistry, Serology, Microbiology, Histopathology etc. A combination of all of these helps give and accurate diagnosis of the well being of any patient.

Helvetia blood test laboratory in greater kailash 1, is known for its accurate diagnosis. Doctors with the help of these accurate diagnosis can do justice to the treatment of the patient. Along with the blood test laboratory in greater kailash 1, Helvetia is also providing radiological diagnostics.

This would include ultra sound, x-ray and CT scan. These radiological imaging provide accurate images of the insides of the human body. Along with the pathological findings the radiological imaging hereby provides complete diagnosis.

For further information on the services provided by the blood test laboratory in greater kailash, visit the website at

Get integrated diagnostic facilities under one roof in GK 1

Helvetia Diagnostics and Healthcare is one of the Best Pathology Labs in South Delhi. Along with the pathology services the Helvetia Diagnostic center provides radio-logical imaging. Helvetia is also popularly known as ultrasound clinic in GK 1. This Doppler ultrasound in GK 1, provides all diagnostic services under one roof. That is along with pathology services, all kinds of digital ultrasound, color Doppler, digital x-ray and OPG; facilities are also available.
Helvetia pathology services in South Delhi, provides blood evaluation that caters to quantifying and qualifying the immunology, hematology and biochemistry parameters of the blood. Pathology is that field of medical science that studies and identifies the causes and effect of diseases. It is the laboratory examination of samples of body tissue for diagnostic purposes.
However no diagnostic procedure is complete if it is not accompanied with radiological imaging. Blood examination followed up with radiological imaging – be it X-Ray or ultrasound, only then the diagnosis can give a complete picture. The Helvetia ultrasound clinic in GK 1, provides all the parameters of diagnosis under one roof. This Color Doppler center in GK 1, provides accurate diagnosis which can then be followed up by the treating doctor for positive results.

Helvetia Doppler ultrasound in GK 1, provides diagnosis without exposing the body to radiation. This procedure allows the radiologist to look inside our body and identify any abnormalities. This can range from stones in the kidney, fatty liver or fault in the blood flow to the uterus in the pregnant mother. Echocardiography also helps in identifying any irregularities with issues related to the heart. At the Helvetia ultrasound clinic in GK 1, the echocardiography test is conducted by a radiologist and a cardiologist. The presence of both these super specialized doctors ensures that the Ultrasound Test in South Delhi is conducted in complete harmony of both the clinician and the diagnostic.
Thus a diagnostic centre is able to bring about efficiency in its testing diagnostic facilities. The Helvetia Diagnostic and Healthcare color Doppler center in GK 1 and providing pathology services in south Delhi, is a center to reckon with. Feel free to get in touch via call us on +91-11-46566999 or +91-9810036334 to know the Doppler Ultrasound Cost in South Delhi.